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Every single day when I get home from work, Maddie grabs her bone or one of her stuffed toys to come greet me with.

She spends the next 10 minutes or so kidney beaning or running in circles, but always with the bone in her mouth. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen! She cannot greet me until she scrambles to find her toy first.

I know it has to be tough for her to breathe too, because she's snorting the whole time, as if she would like to pant, but she won't put the toy down!

Just thought I'd share. Anyone else have such a silly Boxer?

Think she's trying to tell me that she'd like to play?


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You have perfectly described my Emma!! I got a visual of my baby while you were describing yours!!!



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Evie has a funny habit too!!! :) Since we dont wear shoes in the house.... when I come in, I immediately sit down to take off my shoes. Evie will grab one shoe and RUN!!!! She runs circles around the kitchen table carrying my shoe!!! She wont come for luvin's!! LOL She will eventually put the shoe down once she realizes Adam is getting all the love. And, she doesnt hurt the shoe :)

She's so funny, she will do this with shoes, the tv remote and the telephone. I think I told you all once, she took my brother in laws cell phone right off his belt clip!!! He's running screaming at her, and we were ROFLAO!!!!!!!


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Yup - that's my Daisy! And they snort with the toy in their mouth, right? My kids and I call it Daisy's happy noise. She also does it in the morning when she knows it's time for them to wake up. I tell her to go wake up the kids and she runs to find one of her toys! :)


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Roxy does the same thing ~~~

When she gets overly excited....the first thing she does is search for one of her toys !!!!

She's such a silly girlwackicon

Layla does something similar when she's let out of her kennel. We keep it upstairs and once she's let out I take out her toys and she has to carry one down the stairs in her mouth. Then she has to carry it outside and keeps it in her mouth while she's peeing and then drops it finally.


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Charlie does that sometimes too when I let him out of his crate. It's like he's so happy to see me he has to give me a "gift" of one of his toys! My favorite thing is still his kidney beaning. It cracks me up so hard because the silly beast folds himself in half, and then tries to continue walking, and usually runs into something. It's hysterical. :LOL:


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Thats so funny, because Sammy does that too! It could be a toy he never usually plays with. But as long as he has a toy and see's me, he is satisfied!!!
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