So long, Kong. Well, sort of...

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A few days after Boomer's sixth birthday in mid-February, my tax refund arrived. While in San Antonio for the rodeo, we dropped by Petsmart to see if anything caught his fancy...other than investigating what everyone else was doing, he didn't seem interested in any toys. Even so, I found one of those Kong toys (red bone with a braided rope threaded through each end). We bought that and a few bully sticks. He sat on it in the car. Otherwise, it remained untouched, even after our trip back home to Dallas.

When we went to my parents house so Dani (7 yrs) could get a break from Coco (1 yr) while chasing Boomer, all three of them became interested in the Kong. Dani grabbed the Kong while the other two were busy playing with one another and took it into the living room, where she proceeded to gnaw on the bone for the next hour or so. After deciding that she had enough of a break from Coco, she came back into the den, where the other two are nearly passed out on the carpet and lay down. Coco noticed the Kong and quickly snagged it for an evening chew. Within 10 minutes, she had chewed through the braided rope not once, but twice. We took what remained of the rope and hid it, mainly to prevent her from swallowing it.

Two weeks later, Coco comes galloping into my parents' bedroom making the high pitched squeaky noise she's famous for, while twirling around, chasing her nubby. Upon a closer look, she's not exactly chasing her nubby...she's chasing a 6 inch piece of the braided rope that had been attached to the Kong, that had obviously passed through her digestive system and was hanging out of you know where. She seemed overjoyed when dad rescued her hind end from the evil rope. Needless to say, the rope is now in some landfill, somewhere.

For now, the Kong stays at the parents' house, knowing full well that Boomer is only interested in it when he can keep it away from Coco.

Yikes! Poor Coco! I am sure that evil rope poking out of her bum scared her or at least embarassed her a bit! LOL Those Kongs are supposed to be nearly indestructable but I guess they forgot about the rope...or underestimated the power of Coco! :)


oh yes the dreaded rope.:LOL:
I have pulled many a thing out of my guys butt.:)
it's so funny when they run away from it.
the trick is make sure they are outside when you help.
you don't want them dragging the rope in there butt around your house.:LOL:
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