Small Peak on Pups head

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Boxer Booster
What is that peak on the top of some pups head?? I saw this on an adult before where it looked as if there head raised like a slight unicorn on the top.

Can someone help me out. The breeder said that it is a good thing that it is there and it will contribute to keeping his muzzle in vs. extended out. She said that my puppys head will soon flaten out at the top.

Peggy G

Boxer Insane
It's called a crown (although we lovingly called it conehead). Most boxer pups are born with it and it does flaten out. No need for concern. In fact, enjoy that cute bump while it last. They grow up so quickly!

Debbie Magon

Boxer Pal
The bump is called the occiput and is a good indication that the pup will have a correct forehead shape.
Many breeders believe the higher the occiput the better the end resulting head shape will be and this does tend to carry some truth.
Many pups have an "apple" shaped head which is not correct and gives an unusually round appearance to the mature head shape.

As we all know , the boxer is meant to represent a series of squares, from whatever angle he is viewed.
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