Small Black Specks on Belly???

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Hello, I have a 5 month old male boxer, and there are tiny black specks on his belly and around his genetals....hehe does lick his wee wee just like everyother dog, but otherwise the specks dont seem to bother him. I just know looked and i just popped was was like a black head that seemed to be way bigger than the others and i came out black...anyone know what this is???!!and btw he is utd on all vet and flea stuff.

Caney Creek

Boxer Insane
Sounds like a bit of a yeast infection to me. Diet plays a huge role in yeast problems, so that's probably where you should look first. Eliminate grains completely from the diet, and reduce carbohydrates as much as possible too since they turn to sugar and feed the yeast. You will also need to treat the affected areas by disinfecting them. Caney has been having the same issue lately with yeast on her belly/groin area, I have been using witch hazel (applied w/ a cotton ball) on the area daily and this has given very good results.

Here's an article on treating yeast infections in dogs that I found EXTREMELY helpful:
Eating These Foods Can Cause Dog Yeast Infection

This one is very good too :)
Allergy or Systemic Yeast Infection in Dogs | Allergies Malassezia Fungus Candida | GREATDANELADY.COM
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