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For those of you who are from the old board, this is Andi; anyway, Now that Libby is almost a year old and well potty trained we have decided to let her sleep outside of her kennel at night. She has a big dog pillow in a corner in our room. She has slept out of the house for five nights now. She hasn't destroyed anything or had any accidents (thank goodness). The problem is that when we go to sleep, she is on her bed; when we wake up, she is in our bed. Any suggestions? She knows better because she waits til we're asleep until she gets up there. Could she be scared? I know they think of their crates as their own secure little place. Help!!!


LOL! How come she cant sleep with you part of the night? I dont know what to tell you. Lacie goes from room to room at night BUT she knows NOT to get up on my bed if hubby is there. cindy


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Uggghhhh. I have the same problem with my 4 month old pup. Ever since I let him sleep with the crate door open, I wake up and he's in my bed, or we spend all night fighting. Inevitably, I wake up with puppy drool on my pillow. After he found this new way of life where he gets to sleep in my bed, he won't even go near the crate. Since he won't stay in his doggie bed, I decided I'd have to get him used to the crate again, so when I was away for the weekend I had my parents put him in there at night. Since my room is far away from theirs, they weren't kept up all night by his complaints, and so he reluctantly spent the night behind bars.

I think I'm going to have him sleep in the crate for a while longer. Maybe he's not mature enough to be able to wander the room at night, and he needs the boundaries of the crate. Maybe that's the same for your pup?


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Markus would do the same thing when he was a puppy. He would sneak up in the middle of the night and I would wake up and there he would be. I remember waking up once as he was sneaking on, so I moved my leg and he immediately jumped off, so I knew he was trying to be sneaky about it. I finally gave up and bought a bigger bed.

If you really don't want Libby on your bed, you have be presistent in removing her as soon as you find her. Don't give her any pats or cuddles first. You might try putting her back in her crate everytime you find her on the bed. She might clue in that if she wants her freedom for the whole night, she has to stay off the bed.

Good luck

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Hi Andi - we had the same problem with Tina when she was a pup, and even now she does such a trick
Actually I don't mind. If you do - I heard some people would close a pup in another room. But in this case she can cry all night or leave "a present" for you as a revenge. If she is well-trained and you're sure she won't do this, you can try. Another thing - she can take a sofa or an arm-chair for sleeping if left alone. That's exactly what Tina did when I tried to break her of my bed

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Thanks everyone!! I really don't have a problem with her sleeping with us; it is mainly where she sleeps (wedged between my hubby and myself) - she is so jealous!!! I don't know what she'll do if and when we decide to have skinbabies!!! We are working with her to sleep at the foot of the bed. Wish us luck!!!
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