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Thanks for all the great input. I will try her on the nutro puppy food for large breeds and see how she does. How much do you recommend i give her per feeding? I also thought seven or eight cups was a little much but that was what the vet was feeding her when i got her at five months of age and i figured if that was what he was giving her that was what i should stick to. He is a horse vet but i know in vet school they get taught both large and small animal health.

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I used to feed Markus about 4 cups at that age. It sounds like Biscuit, really gets a lot of exercise so she may need a little more.

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Our female boxer is 19-20 months old and she weighs about 47-49 lbs. I think she is small for a boxer, but I think she is still growing little by little.

She is the most "active" (maybe even hyper) boxer I have ever come across; the kind that can't keep all 4 feet on the floor when people are over to visit.

Anyway, my boxer girl was about 32 lbs at 8 months if this helps. She is just a slow grower. I think she'll be at least 50 lbs. maybe 55 or a tad under 60 lbs by 3 years or so. Baylor
After being on the board for sometime this topic has come up a lot. Boxers vary greatly in size. Brutus is 11 mo old and nearly 70 lbs. He will probably be about 85lbs full grown. Just for comparison he was 20lbs at 12 weeks and about 50 lbs at 6mo.

Amaya is very small for a Boxer. She is 5mo old weighed 26lbs today. The vet said she will be around 50lbs. She is heathly and happy, just little.

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If Biscuit is otherwise healthy, I would say not to worry about it. She's active and if she is drinking her water and eating fairly well, no problem.

I thought my puppy (10 weeks) was too thin as well. Her ribs show too. But, she is putting on weight (weighing her daily). Additionally, since I'm with her every day, I guess I didn't notice but, the neighbors noted yesterday that in a week the puppy (to them) seemed to have grown in height and length since the last time they saw her. Measure Biscuit's height and length and see if she isn't growing that way, instead of putting on gut or meat around the ribs. Boxers generally are lean around the middle (if not overfed by their owners).

Hope this helps relieve some of your worry.

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If you had Biscuit checked out at the vet for any problems, then it's just her growing. Some boxers have different body types and they can get into that gangly stage before they start to fill out. Rocky was like your Biscuit, very lean and skinny when he was a puppy. He grew so tall so fast he was sooooo skinny through the middle. When we would go for walks people would ask if he was mixed with greyhound. Or some thought I was starving him.They'd say"You're keeping him pretty lean aren't you?" I'd have to explain that he was just a puppy. So anyway, you can probably expect Biscuit will start to fill out when she is about 2 yrs old. I agree also with the others that 7 - 8 cups of food a day is too much. Whatever kind of food you decide to change to, look on the back of the bag, it should have how much to feed according to weight and activity level. Good Luck.

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Boomer went through a "ribby" stage too. Didn't last long. Boxers are working dogs, and they want to sprint, jump, run, chase, dig. etc. They're going to have a tendency to be on the lean side. Oh, if I only had their energy and stamina....then i could be lean too! I haven't seen my ribs in several years!

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