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Showing Expenses

Discussion in 'Showing - questions and answers' started by frankied, Jul 6, 2004.

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    Jan 24, 2001
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    You will find many different viewpoints from many different people. Most people will reflect their personal experiences which is the best teacher. My way was similiar but a bit more broader than the experiences given here.

    And you see, I don't see it as "pouring money". I see it as have a quality dog being presented at its absolute best by a trusty professional handler. Every hobby has its price and I do not begrudge this hobby for costing money.My husband's car racing hobby costs far more and he loves it the same. I have trained, raised and conditioned that dog in the ring. I have worked with my handler towards having that dog look its best. It is teamwork that has as much passion and excitement were I physically in the ring or not. I am just as nervous and excited either way. And I am proud of my dog either way. I won't lie and say owner handler wins are not extra special. They are! And I have racked up quite a few in the past few years. But having a professional handler show your dog to a win does not take away from the pride one bit.

    My experience is different and bit more generous than this quote. There are SOME judges that won't give puppies points. This is true. But it is not true that MOST judges won't. If that really were the truth of the American ring, I would not have some of the wins I have on most of my dogs. Almost all my Champions pointed from the puppy classes. Dudley finished in 7 weekends and took his first Major from the 9-12 month class, owner handled, his first weekend out. Rocky took points, owner handled, in the 6-9 mo and 9-12 month classes, not to mention the Open classes. His brother Jake took points from Bred-By class. Copper took his first Major from the 6-9 month class, his 2nd Major from the 9-12 month class. Brother JJ took a Best of Breed, over Specials, from the 6-9 month class. Booker T took his first point, owner handled, from the 6-9 month class. Actually, I need to stop there because as I recall all of my Champions, almost every single one of them took points from the puppy classes. I really don't want to sound like I am bragging, but I want to simply share that a nice dog, or puppy, can still be competitive. Never let preconcieved limitations stop you.

    A new Speaker son, Donray's Butch Cassidy the Kid, has won 13 points with both his Majors by the age of 10 months old. He just turned 1 year and is now looking for his last 2 singles. His breeders usually don't put a younster out. They told me that early on. But guess what. Butch just looked so good and enjoyed the ring so well, he did not seem to notice he was "just a puppy". The judges have not noticed it either :)

    Why do I add all this? Just to give my own experience. Please never discount a puppy simply because they are a puppy. Certainly, keep reality around you and understand a puppy has to truly shine and show their quality. Most of the time they just want to skip and play <g>. But many do shine at an earlier age and judges will see if. If the handler, owner or pro, shows them to their best advantage, then a judge will see them.

    Owner handled or professional handled - have the same pride in your dog and their wins. And win or lose, remember your Boxer thinks they won. Every time. Just let them keep thinking it :)

    Christina Ghimenti
    PawPrint Boxers

    Sunny Northern California
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