Show boxer size?

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I've seen boxer standards in books. However, I'd like to know if any of you show or have purchased your boxers from show quality breeders. Do they come close to standard size (i.e., height and weight)? I've read a few posts that state their boxers where 80-90 lbs. Aren't boxers "medium" size?


I know, I know. I think someone slipped me a Miniature Great Dane when I wasn't looking. My 18 mon old male is 26 high and 85+ lbs. I don't know where he gets it - Mom was 55lbs and Dad about 65lbs. STOP GROWING! But it is just more to love, very huggable.


Ruby weighs 53 lbs. I have people tell me all the time that she looks small. I've seen males, though much bigger. However, Ruby's sister weighs around 55 lbs.; she went to a family in Thailand where she's on the show circuit doing very well so the females of show quality do seem small.


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I'll tell you, my Angus is pretty standard for the breed ideal and people come up to me all the time and ask what kind of dog he is, when I tell them he is a boxer they look disappointed and say , "Oh, I thought they were bigger than that". It was giving Angus a complex :)

Boxers, like people come a large variance of sizes, from the behemoth to the pint-size.

I just tell everyone that what he lacks in stature he makes up for in personality!!

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I purchased both Bridget and Killian from a show breed. My oldest girl comes in at 55 lbs. and even with that she looks heavy. She is short and at the low end for the breed standard. My boy is 75 Lbs. and average height. He is more on the slender side. My youngest girl was a result of those mating. I call her my Frankenstein pup. She has Killian's height and big feet, Bridget's thick waist and attitude. She weights about 67 lbs.

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i don't feel so bad now! harley is a very big boy also. i feel much better after reading your post nanabear. lol lol

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I have two females, one is 70lbs and the other is 74lbs. They are both solid girls. Unfortunately they don't realize how big they are. As we all know Boxers think they are lap dogs. I guess I don't help any, I let them sit and lay on as much lap as they can fit on.

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Jake is from a show litter and is 70#s at 14 months. I think he's done growing. He is slender but very solid with a nice chest and great thigh muscles. I guess when he matures around three years he'll be about 75..78#s
not more I hope. I really hate a chubby dog. Although Joey the Bulldog at about 18 inches tall and 60 #s is very cute. I think his head weighs about half of the 60 and he has a little butt.

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