Should we bring a second boxer home????

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We now have a 4 month old female boxer (30 lbs) that we got as a pup. We were thinking of getting another dog but were not sure if we wanted another boxer. Yesterday, in the paper, we found a 6 month old male boxer (55 lbs)...

Called the owner to find out why they were giving it up...The man said his son bought the dog and is not living at home anymore and they have neither the time or the place to keep the dog.

We are wondering if this would make a good playmate for our Tyra or would this only cause her to get jealous??? Also, the size of the male boxer over ours is a concern...

Any input on this would be much appreciated!!

Cindy, JP and Tyra

PS: Anything else we should be concerned about???

Christian C.

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Why don't you take Tyra along when you go to visit the male puppy and see what she thinks? Generally males and females get along well together and I know my 6-month old female would love to have a live-in playmate. The real questions you need to ask yourself if Tyra seems to like the other dog is: are you willing/able to absorb double the vet bills, cost of feeding etc in return for double the love?

Let us know what you decide...interestingly enough, there was a 4 year old free fawn male advertised in the Richmond, VA paper today. I'd love to look into it but I know as a graduate student with limited finances a second dog just isn't feasible at present (Georgie has health insurance but I don't!). But if anyone else is interested, the phone is 804.261.1757.


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I agree-take your pup with you to see how they get a long.
I have a 9 month old and a 4 month old. Getting 2 was the BEST thing I could have done. If you think you love your little girl so much wait til you get another! They will be best friends and be unseperable!


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If you have the time, energy, and money - yes, get a 2nd dog.

Don't worry about the size difference. Zoe was 11 pounds when I brought her home. Butch was 3 years old, 65 some pounds. They had some adjusting to do, in working out their relationship. Butch had been spoiled rotton and was very jealous of the puppy. But they learned to get along and become playmates. Zoe never got hurt, even though she was so much smaller.

It's just a very big Time investment to have 2 boxers. I didn't mind that - the dogs were the center of my life. And I am lucky enough to have several friends who have always helped take care of the dogs when I go on vacation etc.

Watching 2 Boxers play together is the best fun. I don't have cable, don't miss it a bit.

P.S. - I love your signature: the last fight was my fault...


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I'd do it in a heart beat. My Kobo a 4 year old female went through an incredible change when we brought home Kiki a 5 year old male. We've had Kobo from puppihood and Kiki joined us about 18 months ago.
Kobo is a calmer, less destructive dog than before. Dhe doesn't have the separation anxiety and we don't have the related destruction that once existed.
They get along better than our children did.


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Lexi is 3 and Baxter is approximately 6. We adopted Baxter from rescue last November. Lexi is 55 pounds and Baxter is 79 pounds. The difference in their size has not made a difference. Our female is very alpha and we took her over to meet Baxter outside of her territory. Things went fine..she was snippy for the first 5 minutes and then all went well. They have their fights and she can't stand for him to have something she wants (which is usually everything) and we find her laying claim to just about everything..but they cuddle together and play. I chalk it up as sibling rivalry :) Nobody gets along 100% of the time. It is twice the food and twice the vet bills but the happiness they get from each other and the love you receive from them you just can't hang a price tag on. Although you do have to be wise and be able to financially support 2, it isn't as expensive as alot of people think. Best of luck and keep us posted!
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