sheep in the loo

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I was just happily browsing through this site, when my 4 yr old daughter, Marissa came into the study in floods of tears and talking incomprehensibly about a sheep in the toilet!!

I went downstairs to find that she had been washing toys in the sink and one of the sheep had jumped 'all by itself' into the loo!!!!!!!!!


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Those sheep have a mind of their own!

Silly sheep, never know what they'll do next! :D


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My nephew once almost scalped himself with a pair of scissors that 'floated out of the drawer'!!! He's 25 now and we have pictures of the occasion which embarras him no end!

Lava Linda

Completely Boxer Crazy
That's so cute!!!

We had a cow in a swimming pool once.... The Davis police were chasing her, and one officer on horseback ended up in the pool as well!!! Too funny.

Thanks for sharing!! :)
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