She yelled at him!!!

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I had an experience similar to your's just last night! A friend brought her 45 lb., 4 month old lab over to play with Myles last night (Myles is about 80 lbs.). They've played before but Duke (lab) was a lot smaller then so we thought they'd be better playmates now. They played just fine with Myles using his paws to play and hold Duke down. Well, Duke didn't care to be taken by Myles and started biting Myles in the face and neck. Myles was being really good with Duke and not biting back or growling or anything (but he's also been trained not to bite, unlike Duke). I didn't realize how serious it was until they'd left and I saw that Myles' neck and a couple of spots on his chest were really red and upon closer inspection, there were teeth marks! I was really upset! I took his collar off so it wouldn't rub against his skin and I washed it a little with a washcloth. Was there something else I should have done or that I should do now? He doesn't seem to be real bothered by it so maybe I shouldn't either. I feel so bad for my baby! :( And I plan to tell my friend that I won't let her bring her dog over until he's gone to puppy class and stops biting!


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I see I'm not the only one that has had issues like this. As for someone kicking the dogs in the park, I would have gone after the guy. The only reason I let this woman get away with yelling at my dog is to try and remain cordial so our dogs could play again. If she would have touched my dog, she would have had problems. Like the others have said, no one touches my dog except my wife or me. That's it. If their dogs have problems, they can treat their own dogs however they want (unless they beat them, then I won't hesitate to call the humane society). I think we've all come to the conclusion, there are just some people who don't get it!!! It would certainly be nice if some of these people would spend a little more time training their dogs!!!

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What I think it's the worse, is that the guy had a boxer too.
I wonder what he does to his dog, if he tried to kick my dog.
Someone that doesn't hesitate to kick someone else's dog wouldn't at all hesitate his own. JMO
Ohh yes i am ALL to aware of these owners. I have had several incidents with owners and dogs. Bailey has been kicked and hit at by other owners. Believe me, i had to stop going because it was too much stress for both Bailey and I. I am a very outgoing person but when it comes to my 2 dogs, WATCH OUT!!! and needless to say the confrontations were not pretty.
People do not seem to understand that THEY can NOT hit and kick OTHER people's dogs. I definitly would have said something to the lady, and for the guy that kicked Draven boy dog- it would have been VERY ugly.
Some people do not have any common sense, and unfortunantly they ruin it for people that go to the dog park.

Good luck!!


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People Just Don't Learn

The big thing here, to me at least, is that the woman approached you and your dog. Without the alpha (hopefully you) inviting the other dog into your zone, then your dog can rightfully view it as rude behaviour. Rude behaviour will most often just end in playing, but it would have been a great chance for you to tell this woman off. "teach your dog manners before mouthing off at mine" sort of thing ;)

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I hear ya!

We have the same problem with Casper. He is very playful around other dogs and is fantastic with little dogs and puppies. But he loves to pin down the big and tuff type dogs - bull types and rotties and the occasional lab that gets too dominant for his taste :P

It is funny because some owners are totally cool and know that he is just playing and that the doggies are both just fine and no one is being hurt. But other people freak out. We always have to watch him carefully around a new play mate, not so much to see how he is, but more to see how the other people respond to it.
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