She won what?!

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Boxer Insane
Saturday was the first Bark for Life held in our area. It's for the American Cancer Society, just like Relay for Life for humans. A group of us attended that go to the same training facility. Bella won the price for - are you ready?????? UGLIEST DOG! :eek: We told her that the prize was for the best dog there so that she wouldn't get a complex. But I think she could read the plaque because she didn't want to look at the camera!


Boxer Pal
Clearly this was a set up contest. I would demand a re-vote :) There is no such thing as an ugly boxer. That's just like baby contest, how do you actually figure out which the prettiest baby is? Just hide the plaque so she can never see it again.

Cheeky Evie

Super Boxer
No Way, so wrong!! Never will there ever be an ugly Boxer. Bella, I can bet you were the most beautiful there.
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