Setback with a silver lining

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There is a new AKC Lure Coursing event called a Coursing Ability Test. It is open to all breeds, and each dog courses (chases the lure) individually. There was a two day event held nearby two weeks ago, March 31 and April 1. Oscar and Mali both attended, and both performed beautifully.
However, the following Tuesday, Oscar was moving slowly and refused to jump in agility class. I had entered him in a CPE agility trial on the following (Easter)Sunday, so off to the vet we went on Wednesday, and to his doggy chiropractor on Thursday. The conclusions were unanimous, no activity for at least two weeks, a disappointing setback.
I was able to substitute Mali for Oscar in this trial. I have never asked her to perform agility away from our regular training facility, but since she did so well at her first trial last month, I decided to let her have her chance.
In a CPE trial, there are more classes and therefore, more runs available. Mali was entered in 4 different classes. She was very scared in her first run and could not weave or walk the dogwalk, but when time ran out, she was jumping and running with me. She did very well and had qualifying runs in all three remaining classes. Mali has a bit of a reputation for being somewhat dog reactive. She was able to get in and out of the ring with no staring, barking, or lunging.
So proud of my girl! lovicon
Proofs: (just click 'next' on each set until you run out of Boxer)
Herreid Photography | Sunday Fullhouse All Levels | DSC_2602
Herreid Photography | Sunday Standard Level 3 | DSC_3122
Herreid Photography | Sunday Colors Levels 345C | DSC_3348
Herreid Photography | Sunday Snooker Levels 345C | DSC_3698

Oscar still does not want to jump, so we are being cautious with him.


Boxer Insane
Mali looks great in the photos. I love the one of her starting to lay down in the last set. :)

I hope Oscar is feeling better soon, and that Mali keeps surprising you in good ways.
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