Senior boxer and newborn baby

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Hello All:

need some advice or just a different perspective on the issue...

we have an 11 year old male boxer named Bucky who has always been pretty great with kids and other babies in the past - though he’s only been exposed to babies/kids from 4-5 months old and upwards.

we now have our own sweet 1 month old son. I guess I’m posting bc we’re both kind of surprised and confused by our boxers reaction and response to him.

We have been doing everything that was recommended to us - bringing home the baby blanket and things from the hospital before the baby to get him used to the scent... setting up gates and baby things in advance so he can get used to it... feeding Bucky treats every time our son is in the room or petting him when he’s calm..

But so far he has only sniffed our son and walked away totally disinterested or at other times when our son is wailing and flailing (which is quite often as a newborn as you may imagine), has displayed some nervousness, anxiety and fear. As far as jealousy goes, he may be a tad jealous but nothing too bad. He hasn’t urinated or defecated anywhere, but he does try to get our attention at times by asking for pets.

I guess I’m posting bc I’m not sure what else to do. I guess it’s good he’s just like whatever about the baby but I definitely don’t want him to be afraid of the baby or jealous or develop a negative perception of him. I know that can be dangerous...We’ve been working hard to help him adapt and see the baby as a good thing. I guess my question is can this behavior change? Will it take him some time to get used to him? Maybe he still doesn’t even really know what the baby is yet?

Any tips and previous experiences with similar situations would be appreciated...

Thank you!


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It sounds like he is doing fine. I would keep doing what are doing. Make sure you give him lots of treats and extra attention. You want to make sure that he doesn’t feel left out.


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Congratulations on your new addition.fiestaicon Your Boxer is possibly feeling the aches and pains that accompany old age so he may not show the excitement towards life that he used to. Don't think badly of him. Once your son starts walking I would be sure to not let him jump on Bucky while he's laying down. You need to protect your son from being hurt and Bucky from making a bad snap decision. (see what I did there?)applauseiconhugicon


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Let me give you a different way to look at this. How many 80 year old men do you see getting excited about a newborn? Essentially an 11 year old boxer is an 80 year old human. Neither is going to be bouncing around with excitement. Your boy is doing great for his age. He understands that you will need to give the baby attention, just be sure he is get this share of attention to. Make sure he is getting his walks and you keep his schedule as normal as possible. I know a newborn ca throw any schedule out the window, but do try to keep Bucky's schedule as close to normal as you can. Congrats on the new baby!

Alisa KM

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Thank you all. He is still very energetic given his age. Still gets suuuuper excited about other kids visiting and car rides. So he still has a lot of chutzpah in him despite turning 12 in December! So I guess I’m still surprised. He is however less scared at the moment and following us all around the house. Hasn’t tried to lick baby, but at least he’s not petrified. Will be patient with him! Thanks all!