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My Ali has recently started having grand-mal seizures, last Thursday night she had five separate seizure with fifteen minutes in between each one. After the fifth she vomited, and it was over. I took her to the doc for tests, we tested for everything, even her thyroid. Everything came back normal, which is what I expected. The vet says that the only test left is a brain scan. I'm not sure it sounds really expensive and I just can't afford that right now after spending $400 for the other tests.

Anyways my question is the doc put her on Primidone (an anti-convulescent) since she has had a diarrhea, occasional vomiting, excessive eating, she is very weak, and she is constantly whining like she wants me to help her. I called the doc and we cut the dose by half, but that still hasn't helped. Has anyone had any experience with this drug, I'm curious if other boxers have had these reactions.


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Thinking of Ali

I'm just moving this to the Health Issues forum where you will get more replies. If you have a look through that forum you will see many posts about seizures which may be helpful. I'm sure that our board members experienced with this type of thing will also respond.

I'm so sorry that Ali is going through this and will be thinking of you.

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I am sorry to hear that Ali is going through this. I have not had any experience with Primidone, my boxer used phenobarb. As with most anti-convulsant drugs I would assume that getting the drug level established will take some adjusting for a little while.
If I may suggest something: Please DO go ahead with the brain scan as soon as you can. If it comes back negative then do not stop there. I am not aware as to the age of Ali but with my experience and some of the others on this forum, do not accept the diagnosis of Idiopathic Seizures (meaning unknown cause). If Ali is a young boxer then it could be epilepsy, but if she is older then I would suggest looking for the underlying problem. There usually is something else going on when an older dog starts to have seizures.
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