Sardines = burns

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Hopefully the person who suggested sardines to me reads this (liamsmom). So I went to the store today and bought Jade some sardines because it was so kindly suggested to me. When I got home I mixed up Jade's kibble and sardines (stinky) and she smelled them and was sitting waiting for her food so she had to do a down to earn her bowl. She ate that up in a split second and then we went out for our after dinner poo\potty time and I was rewarded with very very excited boxer burns for ten minutes or so. Boy those sardines make her a happy happy pup. I think that there will always be sardines in our cabinets now!!!!!


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glad to hear !!!!!!!!!!!!
our three love them, too!!!!!! although we haven't experience burns afterwards :)


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Cooper had some sardines with his dinner the other night and he loved them. No burning, but he was definitely smiling! :)


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Juke likes his pilchards with a slice of bread chopped up also likes tuna, he has to have the ones in brine because the tomato sauce goe right through him a bit rich for him.
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