Sarcoma and starting radiation

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Jackson had surgery to remove a lump on his upper back leg that turned out to be a sarcoma. The kind of tumor is also a nerve sheath tumor which means it has lots of fingers reaching out from it so the surgery was unable to get clean margins. We went to the oncologist last week and he was so caring and wonderful. He explained that radiation treatment has a 90% cure rate for his cancer. That is great news as Jackson is only 6! My fear comes with the treatment itself. He will need 16 treatments, M-F with weekends off. With radiation treatment, dogs need to be put to sleep each time because they have to be completely still to radiate the exact area. The radiation itself is 3 minutes so they expect him to be under for about 15 minutes and then recovery from the anesthesia so we are looking at 2-3 hours every time. I have no issue with any of that, just my fear from the anesthesia. He starts January 2. Anyone else have exoerience with this?


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Thank you for your response in my thread.

It does appear that Jackson and Oscar are going through the same thing right now. I am now pretty decided to do the radiation therapy. My biggest fear outside the anesthesia is that the cancer would show up somewhere else on his body at a later date. I kid you not, there was 3 other boxers at the surgeon's office when I went for his consult. All had similar cancers, either STS or Mast cell tumors. I would hate to put him through the radiation treatments just to have return in another form or spot.

My sister donated $1000 to his cancer fund and some wonderful advice. That there are no guarantees in life but you do know what you can do right now. If he gets cancer again in a year than "so what", it is a futile task to try to predict the future. What if he lives out the rest of his natural life cancer free? Or he gets again cancer in 3-4 years and he is closer to old age? It will be worth every flippin penny if it at least gives him a chance. There are many others that would pray to have this kind of positive prognosis compared to the cancer prognosis they had with their furbaby.

Anyway I recently read a more extensive study out of Austrailia that Metronomic Chemo only has success rate of 50% at one year for this type of tumor. So radiation it is for my boy. Keep me updated on Jackson's progress. :)

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Hi I was wondering how your guys are doing with the radiation treatment. My boy recently had two surgeries to remove a hermangiopericytoma. In the future if we have to make similar decisions about his treatment it's good to know how others responded.

I hope both are doing well and are on their way to being cancer free. They are such a big part of our lives/families if treatment gets them a few more years it's well worth it!

Sending healing vibes to your fur babies.


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Hello Rocco's Mom

Thank you for asking. Oscar is doing fairly well.

Having him put under everyday, 5 days out of the week has been a bit hard on him. We have had some problems with inflammation causing some protein in his urine. He was enanapril for that but had to discontinue because his blood pressure has been getting low with anesthesia, Enanapril reduces blood pressure. Because he is a Boxer they don't even give him the pre anesthesia and monitor his blood pressure and heart throughout every radiation session. They did an echo last week and repeat blood work Monday to check to see that he is tolerating the anesthesia. They are watching him very closely simply because he is a boxer and they are infamous for having issues with anesthesia.

We haven't had any local skin issues that are typical of radiation yet. Apparently it starts the 2nd week but i am hoping that it will be a non issue. The radiation oncologist thinks he probably will have little of these problems because of the location.

The biggest problem i am having is that he has become quite anxious going to the clinic. It is heartbreaking that my brave boxer is leaning on me, shaking, and looking at me not understanding why I keep leaving him there with strangers. They are doing everything to elevate his anxiety including having his own bed there and feeding him his special home-cooked food when he wakes up. But he still hates going there. I have had to start giving him Trazadone an hour before taking him to the clinic to keep him calm. I wish i had the option to take him for treatment and then take him home after but I have to drop him off in the morning and pick him up after work. I have to work to pay for all this. It is especially hard that he sleeps all night and is his normal self by morning, then i have to take him back again.

The whole thing has been so emotionally draining for both of us. He has 11 sessions left and I am counting down the days until he is cancer free. They give him 98% at one year and 85% at 6 years that the tumor will not return. His prognosis couldn't be better and I have to constantly remind myself of this when he is shaking and pleading with his eyes to take him back home.


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Im sure it is heartbreaking ,I can see that sad face and the look in his eyes in my minds eye .unforunatly it has to be done and its all for the good so hang in there and stay strong.
Sending claming, healthy,posative <<<vibes>>> to you and your Boy.
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