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Sampson's Story

Discussion in 'Stories' started by ZigZags, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. ZigZags

    ZigZags Boxer Pal

    Aug 20, 2009
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    Well this story is not about a boxer but its a lost and found story nevertheless.
    Yesterday I let my Toy Fox Terrier, Zeus and my Boxer pup Aries out to go potty, and low and behold who wanders over? It was Sampson an 80lb Yellow Lab. I live between two busy streets, and couldn't leave him out to get hit by a car. So I brought him in the house and gave him some food and water. He was wearing an electric fence collar and nothing else. I wanted to find him his home, so I walked him around the neighborhood and knocked on doors. "Is this your dog or do you recognize him?" I'd ask. And the reply was always "No, I have never seen him before." After pounding on maybe 30 doors or more, I gave up and went home. My mind started to wander as I looked into his soft golden eyes, "Who do you belong to," I pondered.

    By this time it was getting late and I had a previous appointment with my Uncle who lives five minutes up the road. So I made sure all the dogs went out and connected Sampson to the chain I never use for Aries, outside. I went to my Uncles house and was only there for about 15 minutes. My Uncle wanted to see the big lovable goof, so I told him to swing over with me.

    We pull in the driveway and "Oh No! He's gone!" I walked up to the lead and sure enough he had broken the chain. "I hope he's OK and didn't get hit by a car," I thought to myself as I walked into the house, my Uncle in tow.

    About 20 minutes later I was doing the dishes, when I got that feeling like someone was watching me. I looked left out my screen door, and who is standing on my porch looking at me with big golden eyes? Sampson! I opened the door and he strolled in. "You had me worried, you big dumb dumb!" I told him as I scratched his head.

    Its about midnight now and its time for bed. I made sure everyone went out, and got ready for bed. I put some blankets in the basement for Sampson to sleep on and snuggled up with Aries for bed. I was starting to fall asleep when I heard a little whimper that turned into a whine. That little whine tugged at my heart strings, so I put a blanket on the floor in my room for him and brought him upstairs to my room. He curled up on the blanket and we all fell asleep.

    The next morning I took all the dogs outside. And decided to check craigslist for missing labs before I took him to the vet to check for a microchip. And wouldn't ya know the first post in big bold black letters "Lost Yellow Lab" was right in my face. I read the post and everything fit, even the picture of him with swimming goggles on. "So, Sampson is your name, huh?" I asked the happy Lab. And his ears perked up when I said his name. I called the number on the post and after talking to Joe his anxious owner, he was on his way! Ten minutes later Joe was at my door.

    "Thank you so much!" Joe said with a big smile. "The kids cried all night," he told me with a glimmer of a tear in his own eye. I recounted Sampson's tale for him. And by the end he was thanking me all over again. He reached into his wallet to try and show his appreciation. And after telling him there was no need, I waved to them as they headed off home. Seeing that happy Lab on his way home was all the payment I needed.

    I'm glad your home Sampson.
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