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I work as an animal control officer in the county I live and I have seen the worst of the worst when it comes to animals. I would like to share my story with an amazing dog I had the pleasure of knowing.

Last fall I received a call from the local police department about a pit bull locked in a hot car that was unconscious. Once I arrived I opened the door and a beautiful flashy fawn boxer collapses out of the car. I immediately pick him up put him in my van and turn the air on. A wonderful witness filled up a jug and soaked a towel in cold water for me. I put the towel on the dog and poured the water on him. I rushed back to the shelter calling ahead to let them know the situation praying he wouldn't die on my way. When I arrived at the shelter and opened the van doors this beautiful boy was holding his head up. I felt relief but knew he wasn't in the clear. I put him in an ice bath and kept pouring cool water all over him. The triage nurse took his temp and it had reached 105.6. It took about 10 minutes and he decided that he was going to actually sit. I was so happy to see that he wanted to sit. The triage staff continued to monitor him through out the day. Within the next few days we could tell he was going to make a full recovery.

A few weeks went by and the shelter director decided to send him to foster until his case went to trial or the judge awarded us custody. He was neutered and sent to a foster home. This foster home was an ex-employee of the shelter and was so excited to foster him. Within the time I brought him in and he went to his foster home I would get him out of his kennel everyday and spend sometime playing with him and honestly just loving on him. I was debating on fostering him myself but my husband was against it since we have 3 already and he knew I would want to keep him.

His new foster mom kept giving us updates on how well he was doing and that she found a family who really wanted to adopt him. Director agreed to let the interested party adopt him as long as they followed our protocol of filling out an application. We never received anything. At this time the foster mom stopped returning our calls. We had no clue where she was or more importantly where the dog was.

Our director decided to take the foster mom to court to give us back the beautiful boxer. The day of court came last week and we were told that the dog had died back in May. The foster mom stated that she went out of town for about a month and forgot her phone. Her mom found the dog dead and didn't tell her because she didn't want to ruin her trip. I believed this to be a lie and that she was just saying this because she gave the dog away to somebody. The shelter got a court order to have the body dug up and delivered to the shelter if the dog was dead like she said. Of course she couldn't bring him to us so we offered to pick his body up.

It was my job to pick him up today and I just kept thinking that it wasn't him. When I arrived she had a small tote taped up. The tote was so small that I knew an adult male boxer couldn't fit in it. Once I was back at the shelter I opened the tote and unwrapped the 3 garbage bags that contained an animal. It was a dog but I would have bet my entire paycheck that it wasn't a boxer. It was so tiny and decomposed. Finally we started scanning the bugs, hair, bones, and decomposing flesh for a chip. The scanner beeped and the chip that was on the scanner matched the chip we had recored for the boxer. My heart sank.

I worked so hard to save this beautiful boys life from his idiot owner to have the foster mom kill him. My heart hurts that he was alone on his last day on this earth with no one to comfort him. Just like he was alone when he almost died in that hot car. He was only 3 yrs and had such a hard life. At least this beautiful boy is running free and I am forever thankful for getting the short time I had with him. R.I.P. beautiful boxer I am so sorry.


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Thanks for sharing your story and trying your best to help this poor boy. I just don't have the words to express the contempt I have for people who abuse animals. Thankfully there are more good people who do what they can to repair the damage and offer a better life to many animals.


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Aaaaaarrrrggggh! Such a tragedy... some of what I am thinking really cannot be shared in polite company. But my heart feels so heavy after reading this.


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This is so terribly sad. I am so sorry.

HOW can anyone go away and forget that they have a dog ! I only hope that you were able to prosecute her successfully .... although whatever punishment is given, will not be enough as far as I am concerned.

Thank you for all that you did to try to make a difference in this boy's life. I like to think that his earlier time with his foster, when she was still in touch, was a happy time for him at least .... or else it is too sad to bear.

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I knew from the tile and the forum this would not be a pleasant read, but it was much worse than I expected. I am so very sorry this beautiful boxer boy met such a tragic death. Did he have a name?

Run free boxer boy.

Pam and Doug


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It is completely beyond me how anyone can abuse an animal and it angers me to no end. Thank you for the efforts you gave to help save this sweet boy. I hope that lady gets what she deserves.


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Heartbreaking. Was anyone able to question the mom? This sort of stuff keeps me up at night. It would haunt me forever and I would NEED to know the truth. I hope for the sake of the dog that he truly died of natural causes and not from abuse. Poor baby.


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Oh my. This is really disturbing. I read this yesterday and haven't been able to get it out of my mind. Unfortunately I can relate to a dog loosing its life and it being completely unnecessary, but this is not at all what I dreamed I ever would have read :( how terrible. I too would want the foster questioned, so many things don't make sence about this. Poor , poor boy. You can't blame yourself for not taking him, we all wish we could take them all. I still find myself looking at boxers in need of homes. I want to foster, but as you said...I really don't know if I could let them go at the end, I'm certain 2 is our financial limit....but your heart still aches to take the needy ones in and love them. Thank you for all your hard work trying to give that sweet boy a home. I'm so sorry to see how this ended and I can imagine this has stayed with you :(
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