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Hi, I am a new member and I have 2 babies. Sable (fawn) will be 2 in March, and Spook (white) turned 1 in August. I can't wait to get a scanner so that I can show them off.


Hi and welcome! I've had a scanner for a year now and seem to have it in my mind that it's a big deal to learn how to wrok it so I have yet to try.
You will love the people on this board.


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Welcome to the Board!!

I also have a white boxer--as do several others on this board. :)

I LOVE the name Spook for a white boxer. How fitting. :D

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Welcome to the Board. We look forward to your pictures as well.

A scanner is not any more complicated than a photocopy machine. Don't be afraid. Get those pictures scanned and posted so we can oooo and aahhhh over your Boxers!!! :D

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Welcome to the board. I think Spook is a great name for a white boxer. Looking foward to hearing more from you. :D
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