Roxy pulled out of her collar (long)

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Yesterday my daughter walked Roxy while I was at work. We are on our fourth different harness in an attempt to find one that prevents Roxy from playing the, "Hey, you want to play follow the leader game? I'm it". She is very strong and I work with her every single day, but she is smart and has outsmarted most of the collars and harnesses that I have tried. I just purchased an Easy Walk harness and it seems to work.

Unfortunately, I didn't show my daughter how to use the new harness, so she walked Roxy with her regular flat collar with her tags on it. Much to my daughter's shock, one block from our house, Roxy turned in to Houdini,pulled out of her collar and within seconds was running like a mad dog in the street. My daughter knows not to chase her, but Roxy was not about to come back. An elderly woman on that block has made friends with Roxy and she started calling Roxy over, Roxy ran to the woman (thank God she didn't jump on her she is recovering from a broken hip) sat, looked at my daughter and laid down on the ground. My daughter grabbed her, put her collar back on and I'm sure she dragged her back home. Of course, I have now given everyone lessons on how to use an Easy Walk Harness and hopefully we will find our walks to be less traumatic and dangerous. Thank goodness everything turned out all right.

The only other plus to this story is that we have been working on "no lovin for jumpin" and Roxy did sit in front of the elderly neighbor. What a disaster that could have been.
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Thank goodness she didn't keep running and didn't tackle your neighbor. Good luck with the harness - they sure can be little devils, can't they?


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Getting the Easy Walk harness was the right thing! It was the first (and only) thing that really helped me control my 65lb dog!! :) Ali wouldn't wriggle out of her collar, but she would pull and pull until she was choking and I would really worry about her. I'm glad your story has a happy ending!


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OMG!! Thank goodness your neighbor was there to stop Roxy (Good girl for not jumping on the lady!), and that Roxy stayed when your daughter approached. Roxy, the Great Escape Artist, please don't scare your Mommy like that anymore!! :eek:


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I'm glad everything turned out okay. Once my pups chased a jogger down the street and it scared the heck out of us so I can only imagine how terrified your daughter must have been.

Naughty Roxy ;)


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That must have been very scary for your daughter. It is good that your neighbour helped out. I'm glad to hear that Roxy didn't jump on her. That could have been a disaster.
Silly little Roxy!!

Your story reminds me of the time when a dog was running loose in front of our house. The owner was chasing her up and down on the sidewalk and in the street. I knew she wasn't going to catch her, so I put Lexi on her leash and took her out front. As soon as the little dog saw Lexi she came running over to say hi. The lady walked up, put picked up the dog, turned and walked home. Never said hi, thank you or anything.
I was glad to help them out, and would do it in a flash again for her (or anyone else), even after the owners bad attitude. I can understand why the dog was running from her now.


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glad to hear everyone was okay and nobody got hurt. i have used a body harness for years and love it.
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