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LOL calm when meeting people! Struddell and I get a "fail" on that one! :)

My GSD taught me about the who goes out the door first, it was "always" Gunther! 18 months later at 110 lbs Rocky finally let his objections be know!!!!!!

It sounds like it's going pretty well, couple cautions and some experiences. Usually if there are issues it will be at home and not out and about, food if your free feeding don't, the water bowel if one is drinking, the other one doesn't need to be standing there observing!

The lab should not be doing any corrections, that's your job. The girls can move lighting fast, so if anything looks "funny" get them apart!

Oh and if the pack leader think is not established rock solid in Abbey's head she can actually get encouragement for bad behavior in your presence! The other guy "knows" who's in charge Abbey may not still?

One on one time with here is very important, walks with her alone or very important! That maybe where I went wrong with Rocky, I don't remember?

Anyway sorry if I'm repeating myself it sounds like you guys are making great progress!


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Yes,we are making progress. Abby is now attending obedience classes with the instructor that I have mentioned in earlier posts. We have been going for 3 weeks now.
At last night's session, she behaved like a lady! I had her in a down-stay several times,with other dogs moving around the room. She acted calm when in close proximity to others - not touching, but within 4 feet. I was very pleased.
On the home front, I still keep an eye on Abby when she's around Russell. There are two scenarios that I have to be especially watchful: when new people arrive in my home; and when we ready to go walking. I have actually started telling Russell to move away, rather than get into the small entryway with us.
In the mornings, I walk Abby alone for 2 km, then we swing home, grab Russell's leash and the 3 of us go for a shorter walk. After work, each dog gets 2 km individually. Abby's time is spent training. I read one of your earlier posts about dogs being "situational", and I agree. I practice with Abby in various locations, so that she sits, lies down, stays, etc. no matter where we are. I also use "watch me" frequently, to distract her and get her to refocus when something interesting like a squirrel, bird, or other creature happens to be nearby. It works!
I know we have a long road ahead of us, but we are heading the right direction. Yes, I am aware that I have to maintain my "leader" status with Abby, and with Russell as well. We seem to be there now, and although Abby likes to challenge, she certainly respects me and listens. More and more all the time.


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I too have an Abbey, almost 16 weeks that lunges after my 12 yo Bichon Molly. I took both to the trainer so she could see what was going on. She said that is was basically dominance over Molly and a way to get my attention. Her advice was to watch Abbey's body language and try to distract her with a toy or treat. By doing that she is getting your attention in a POSITIVE way rather than negative by yelling at her! She said not to totally keep her away because they do need to live together but just try to teach her to play by herself. It is hard to watch her every minute and it isn't always a constant thing but it does need to be addressed and corrected as best as we can. Good luck!! I think we both will need it!
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