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Boxer Insane
I have a rottweiler and 2 boxers. The rottie is definitely hard headed and stubborn, but it's amazing what that boy will do for food! He's also the sweetest dog I could have hoped for. I think the boxer/rottweiler combo is a good one. The boys play very well together. Abby is learning how to play. ;) Check out my gallery for pics.

Rowdy Boys

Completely Boxer Crazy
I have always thoroughly enjoyed BW... does anyone know of a place like BW, only for Rottweilers?

I know I haven't posted in over two years... so much has happened... we were transferred to OH, our daughter started to grow up (as children do) and become involved in various activities, specifically a passion for horses. All the spare time I once had is now spent at the barn or driving her to and from the barn.

We currently still have our three boxers (Magnum-8, Omar-7 and Angel-4). Way back when, when we were deciding what breed would be our first dog as a family, we narrowed it down to either a Boxer or a Rottie.

We have decided when the time inevitably comes to say good-bye (hopefully it will be a long time from now), we would like to add a Rottie to our mix.

I am starting to lay the ground work necessary to find a responsible, reputable breeder in my area as well as pick up where I left off and further my research on the Rottweiler breed in general.

BW has always been a great source for me and I would love to find something similar for Rottweilers.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate it.



Boxer Insane
I do not know of a place, but we had Rotties before our Boxers. Thet are wonderful, loyal, sweet dogs, but not as comical as our Boxers. :)
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