Rocky and Dharma updates!

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I did it again....I haven't checked this site in a long time :(. I am going to try and keep an eye on it and check it at least weekly now! I miss this place - and all the wonderful people I've met through BW!

My furbabies are doing okay - Rocky is doing well with his therapy dog work -we visit weekly to a hospice patient and then to a facility in general whenever they have a patient request a paw pal (as they call them). He's a good boy - seemingly STILL full of energy although he will be turning 5 in August. :)

Miss Dharma Bernice Jellybean - is doing okay. She got a bit hefty around Christmas time (was up to 62# from her emaciated 31# when we first got her) so we had to finally restrict some of her food. She's down to 53# now and seems to be holding around there.
We were at the vet yesterday with her - she has several new MCTs that have grown since her last surgery 1.5 years ago. I can't believe she's been in our life for 21 months already - we are so lucky to have this sweet, smiling face. Here are a few of my fav pics of her.
I'll probably post more in the medical area about her. But other than the MCT issue - she has been doing great. We love her SO incredibly much.
OH - and get this - we were able to be reunited with the pilot who helped fly her here from pilots n paws!!! She was even featured on their website - I'll post a link to the story - it's awesome <3 <3 our famous grandma doggy. Anyway, enjoy the pics!! Can't wait to dig through and see everyone else's babies and how they are doing!

And her story -

Hope everyone is doing well!!
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They both look great and Dharma looks so well and happy. I remember when you were rescuing her and her story still brings tears to my eyes. She is one lucky boxer girl cool2icon


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Both of your babies look so very happy. You are definitely doing things right. Reading the article and seeing the difference in Dharma's pictures is amazing and heart warming. The Rasta Dharma picture gave me a chuckle. Thanks for sharing the pictures and for the update.


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Great update! Glad to hear they are both still doing well. :D

I've been MIA for quite a while too, but need to start posting and checking in again
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