Riding in the car!!!!!!

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What is the deal with Boxers and riding in the car? Like it's the best thing in the world! If I'm walking a friend out to their car (like today), Ruby will go with me out to the driveway and always jumps in their car! And I can remember last summer my husband and I loading our bikes in the back of the car and Ruby seizing the opportunity and jumping in; not coming out til we are at the beach! She got her way.
Do all dogs go crazy over sitting like a person in the passenger seat and "just watching"?


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Mine love to ride in the car, too. If one of them accidentally gets out of the house without a leash on all I have to do is open the car door and they will come running and jump in. :)


Originally posted by Cindy and Lacie
ROFL!!!! Car riding has to be Lacie favorite thing in the whole world! I will even take her for a ride just for the heck of it!

Okay, this is really bad..... just last week I had to move my car from the street to the garage and Ruby followed me down and jumped in the car. I couldn't just drive in the garage, I had to drive down a few streets so she wouldn't feel "cheated". Wonder what my neighbors thought!
Elsa dont feel bad, when the girls go to their friends house that is only 4 houses down from me I always drive because they insist on taking more than they can carry. Anyway, Lacie always rides down with me!


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Lexi is the same way..open the door and in she goes!! The nut won't come out either until you take her somewhere..I am sure Baxter would be right behind her if he could see but he too is a wonderful car rider..Baxter lays down and enjoys the ride..Lexi likes to sit up front in the passenger seat like a human and watch the world go by! When we took a trip up to Pa in October Lexi and daddy were up front and Garrett and I were in the back *sigh* :D

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Word of warning.....beware of power windows :D Oscar rolled down the window again tonight on the way home from PetSmart. I really have to get him buckled in with a harness. Scared the you-know-what out of daddy! :LOL: My cat Buster is also a fanatic about cars. Weird, huh? Does the same thing with jumping in at every opportunity (may be he's trying to tell me something). My daughter lives about 15 minutes away. She got almost all the way home one day and heard a "Meow" looked in the rear view mirrow and saw Buster enjoying a nice jaunt to sissie's house. :D

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Originally posted by Kim Y
Word of warning.....beware of power windows :D Oscar rolled down the window again tonight on the way home from PetSmart. I really have to get him buckled in with a harness.

Kim, does your car have child protection windows? Some do where they prevent the window from rolling down all the way or at all, this might be a way to boxer proof your car! Good luck!

Casper loves rides too, it is great because once and a while when my brother and sister come over they accidently let Casper follow them out the door, but we just grab the keys, open the car door and Casper hops in the car for a short ride and then HE'S BACK! :)
Greta loves car rides :)
When we go for our morning walk, and walk her Daddy to his car and she gives him the most pitifull look every time :LOL: Sometimes it's just to much and she gets a ride to the end of the block. We also tend to take her for a walk just before we take her out, and she will constantly be looking back over her shoulder to see if Daddy is bringing the car down to meet us!

Beware the Gas Station Attendant that fills my gas tank, She growls and warns them not to mess with "Her Car"! smashicon

She is honestly one of the best dogs I ever had when it comes to car rides,she sits in the back seat watching out the window at all the people, Her all time favorite ride is to go into the city, she loves all the hussle and bussle of Downtown Philly! :D

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Scarlet loves car rides which comes as a great relief because we go to Deep Creek Lake (3 hr. drive) at least one week end per month. I was so worried we would get a puppy that would get car sick! When we traded in the van for a car and Scarlet jumped into the back seat for the first time...she jumped in and sat down facing the back of the seat. It was soooo funny to us. She eventually figured out that you are suppose to turn around and face forward...but to see her sitting in the wrong direction for the first minute or so...just too cute. I love her.
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