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My family and I are looking to add another boxer to our family this summer, approximatly June. We are interested in a rescue boxer, but are having some problems. We are in contact with someone on the west coast who is trying to find boxers that need homes. It seems that there are many people in Canada who want rescue boxers, and many boxers in the US who want to be rescued, but for some reason, they aren't being matched up. Here in Ontario there are many people who want rescue boxers, but it seems humane societies are not aware of this. Our boxers that we want here, are being shipped down to the US, where they are having troubles finding homes. :mad:

If anyone has any information on Canadian boxer rescues, or boxers who need new homes in Ontario, or in boxer rescues who are willing to help us relocate a boxer up here (preferably in Michigan or somewhere close), could you let me know?

Thanx a lot!


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Hi Katie
Where in Ontario are you? There is a Boxer Rescue Canada listed on the net. If you go to there site you can fill out an application on line. This is where I adopted my Kailee from last October.
The URL is

There are never many boxers available at one time, so patience is a virtue. I do know that they are able to work with some rescue agencies in the US but that is something you would need to discuss with them after they contact you. I have just recently started doing home visits for this rescue organization, and I know from experiences dealing with them they are very nice professional people.
I am personally not aware of any boxers being shipped to the US for adoption. I constantly scour the humane societies in Ontario and notify rescue whenever one comes available. Good luck, and if I can be of any assistance please feel free to e-mail me.


Please contact Marta at or Diane at they do boxer rescue in Canada.


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Hi Jean,

Are you aware of the two boys coming in from the States this weekend? They are looking for CUR volunteers. I am only able to help out from around Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo area. One of the boys will be staying with me and I do not know where the other is going, possibly somewhere in Guelph. They need transport from Windsor. Will post something on the transport board.
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