Reglan Question?

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My pooch had a very weak stomach when we got him at 4 months. At about 8 mo - 1 year he started throwing up daily. So we took him to the vet and they took tests and found nothing. We tried the BARF diet but that lasted 2 weeks and I could not take him constantly getting sick. The vet put him on Reglan 2x a day and said he may or may not come off it eventually. He also recommended the food, ID which Riggs loves and has no problems eating. Well 1 1/2 years later he still can not come off the Reglan and it looks like he'll eat the same food forever (we give him barely any people food). Any thoughts, opinions, advice??????


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Our late boxer, Rocky, had a very touchy tummy during his life (we had him from age 4 until he passed on at age 11).
He'd go in phases though, throwing up every meal. Couldn't drink cold water without throwing up (I had to make it room temperature). Couldn't take a bite of snow, which he always tried, without throwing up. Our vet had us give him Reglan about 20 minutes before each meal so his tummy wouldn't spasm after eating. That worked fine. After about a week, we'd go without the Reglan and he'd be fine for months.
Then it would start again. So we'd start the Reglan again.
I had him on KD (canned) because his tests indicated kidney disease. I also warmed it in the microwave, since anything cold disagreed with him.
I don't know why some boxers' tummies are so much touchier than others.
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