Rash in Groin Area

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Cedar (5 year olds) has battled wtih skin allergies his whole life. For the past two years he has been really well under control but since January of this year he has been having a flare up of a rash in his groin. I took him to the vet and they prescribed Keflex thinking it is a staff skin infection. We are only on the second day of the antibiotics so it is too early to tell if they are helping (which it looks almost worse now). I was wondering if anyone has had experience with a yeast/fungal infection that caused a rash? I just want to have other ideas if we have to go back to the vet after the 8 more days of antibiotics are up. Thank you.


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I can't help regarding diagnosing a yeast infection in dogs, as I haven't experienced that, sorry.

However, I have a 22 week old girl, who has had skin problems since we brought her home at 8 weeks. ( clusters of bumps on her skin and dry scaly patches and hair loss from scratching ). She was diagnosed as having a staph infection with two separate antibiotics, neither of which cleared it up. We were told by the vet that she was too young for food allergies, but I was not convinced, and through trial and error we isolated that she has an immediate and definite reaction to eggs for one. We put her on a grain free, egg-free diet and she has been doing really well the past couple of months, with great skin and coat.

Anyway, to get to the point .... This week she developed a really angry rash in her groin and under her arm-pits after I fed her chicken for several days in a row. She has eaten chicken many times before, but sporadically, and never every day. The rash started out as clusters of pimple-like red bumps, and they have now turned crusty. She itches like mad. She saw the vet last week and after excluding other possibilities, they have concluded that it must be an allergic reaction and acknowledge that despite her age, she probably has food and environmental allergies. They have taken blood for allergen screening and we are now just waiting to see what the triggers are.

An allergy can suddenly develop with a food that has been previously tolerated well ... in fact, sometimes, the food needs to be eaten for a while before the sensitivity is triggered. So, just a thought for you to consider, and maybe worthwhile getting allergy screening done .... if it should prove to not be a staph infection, or yeast as the culprit.



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Juno gets a rash in that area off and on. I don't vet her for it unless it gets bad or starts bothering her. Usually I just end up doing weekly baths with a natural, gentle shampoo, and daily chlorhexidine wipes.

You will probably find that it comes back once you finish the meds.


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We went through the same thing with Tessa years ago and ended up at a dermatologist. The antibiotics treated the staph, but he said we needed to manage the yeast as well. He suggested keeping the area clean with dial soap, and to keep powder on the area to keep it dry. I put a small dollop of dial on a paper towel with water, wipe the area, then wipe again with a towel with just water. Follow it up with a sprinkle of gold bonds powder. The powder really helps with keeping the area dry which minimizes the yeast. Good luck!


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Arabella gets the occasional rash on her groin to mid belly. For her it is usually when we have had damp weather. I will keep moist wipes by the back door and wipe her down when she comes in from outside and it goes away quickly. Sometimes if it is worse than normal and I will put some Neosporin on it before bed.

We're moving to FL in a few months and the humidity is much worse. It should be interesting to see how this summer goes.


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My girl gets rashes on paws as well as belly. We put vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle and spray and dry and it works wonders. Hope this works for you.
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