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Would like to find out from Nutro users what you consider average for your Boxer to poop per day ....
Our Izzie is now a year and a half and has been on a premium food Excel since shortly after she was born ...she has done so well and hasn't had any problems with Excel ...she is of a good weight with a beautiful coat ... The only reason I am even considering a change of food is that I have read on this board that feeding Nutro products cuts back on number of poops per day .... With the Excel she has a average of 3 times a day ... I am curious if 3 times is considered too many or not ...
I would appreciate your input as I would rather not change her food but if I could cut back on elimination times I would consider changing as I know Nutro is a good food ...
Thanks for your help ....


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Bailey is on Nurto Nautral, he poo's about twice A day. I love this food. THe resoan we swithched was because Bailey has allergies to beef. I wouldn't switch just because of pooping. If she is doing well then I would keep her on Excel. I heard that is really good.


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If you are feeding a high quality kibble already then I wouldn't expect the amount of poo to change. Nutro claims less back yard clean up compared to lower quality kibble which just comes out the other end. If Izzie is doing well on Excel and it is a high quality kibble with no by products then personally I wouldn't switch!


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Cassius was on Nutro from the breeder but when I took him home I noticed a lot of vomiting and diarhea so I took him off the Nutro and put him on Pedigree and he has done fine ever since but the poo slowed down aroung two 1/2 to 3 years he poops once a day now I think its and age thing!!!



The first day we got OUR Isabelle, we went directly to Petco to buy her food, bedding, toys etc. One of the sales associates suggested Nutro brand food. She told us that it was better for their digestion and they will poop less. Not knowing what kind of food she was eating before as she was a rescue, we decided to get it. She had it for 5 days before we brought her to the vet. She had diarrhea every time she went and at first we thought it was because of the change of food but then it didn't stop. We asked the vet about Nutro and he explained to us that the reason that Petco recommends the brand is because they have the highest markup on Nutro. He suggested some pet store and some market foods that are better for digestion and are of better quality. That night we bought her Purina One and that is what she has been on ever since. As soon as she stopped eating Nutro her diarrhea stopped also. I would suggest asking at least one vet if not a couple to find out their thoughts on the brand.


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My dogs had very loose stools and pooped about 5/6 times a day on Nutro. I don't feed them Nutro anymore. Now I feed Innova ( ) and they are fed 3 times a day (one cup each meal) and they only poop 3 times a day now, and their poop is formed and firm and less volume - finally. I feel they are getting more from their food with Innova than they did with Nutro (or Purina, which I also tried with the same results as Nutro), with much less waste. Innova contains human grade foods from all the food groups and NO BY PRODUCTS or additives.

Good luck


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Gidget now eats Nutro after trying 4 other brands due to the fact that she stopped eating. She loves the Nutro and we havn't had any problem with diarrhea. She has firm,formed stools and only goes 2-3 times a day. She is now gaining weight and growing more everyday.(I swear I can see her legs getting longer everyday!) If your dog is doing well on her current food I would'nt switch. It's so hard to find the right food.(If it's not broken, don't fix it):)


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Brighid is a Nutro girl also. Lamb and Rice since the day I got her. I started feeding it about 10 years ago to my Shar-Pei because they are prone to skin problems and the lamb & rice food helps.

There is another really good food called Canidae. It's about the same price as the Nutro Natural Choice (lamb & rice). Very good quality ingredients. Brighid didn't really care for the kibble but she likes the wet Canidae so she gets a little of that mixed with her kibble a couple of times a week as a treat.


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:) Thanks to everyone for your responses to my question on changing Izzie's food from Excel to Nutro .... It seems I would have little or nothing to gain and probably alot to lose ..
She has done so well on the Excel overall that I am going to keep her there ... We just add some Yogurt daily and egg a couple of times a week .. Her size and health are perfect and her spirit is fantastic !! Everyone comments on her beauty so I guess it is better to leave things as they are ... Thanks again :)


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I feed Roxanne Innova and she had such BAD gas so I stopped. (If I could underline BAD I would :)) I only tried it for a few days though. Did your girls have the same experience? If they did I would assume it went away:D :D
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