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I've been reading a paper on soil based organisms that claims kibble fed dogs eat grass in order to offset the acid in the GI tract caused by the kibble ingredients.

I was wondering how many barf feeders find they have grass eating dogs? I'm thinking that kibble alone doesn't explain the grass eating phenomena.

How many of you that feed barf (or any raw diet version) have grass eaters?



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Lily will eat grass only first thing in the morning when she has an empty stomach (aka, I fed her raw chicken way to early and didn't give her a bedtime snack). Even then, it was only when I first put them on raw (like she did it for the first two weeks). Ishie never has eaten grass. I will say that Lily ate a lot of grass when she was on kibble.


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Both mine eat grass every day. Even after they have had a raw meal. They usually graze when we take our walk in the morning. They love winter wheat grass the best and very rarely eat the Bermuda grass in their yard.


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Lily only ate grass when she had a bone in her stomach that wasnt digesting very well. I stopped feeding her the sorts of bone that did that and no more problems. There is the odd occasion that she eats grass when she has an empty tummy, but that is pretty rare :)


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Sophie used to eat grass, quite a bit; but when she was little. Now (13months) she rarely eats the grass....unless she's bored and wants to 'play' with it. She's on dry kibble.


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Mine tend to graze off and on - morning, afternoon, evening - time is never an issue for them. They love new grass (we did some re-seeding as did my parents). They never get sick either, I swear they are part horse.


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Tara eats a lot of graas, especially in the spring. Then I call her a cow. :LOL:
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