Question about my pups docked tail and lump

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I was checking out my puppies docked tail the other day and it looked kinda weird. Here's the link to the photo. Is this how it looks when it's in the healing process?


Also is that her belly button? Not sure what it was lol



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Mmm - I think what you have there is a bit of a poor dock, and it will probably always look much the same (though the hair near the end of the tail may grow a bit more and disguise the end somewhat). It appears to me as though there wasn't quite enough skin left to cover the end of the bone when it was docked, so you have some scar tissue at the end which is hairless. As above, I think it will probably remain hairless, though the hair already present near the end may grow long enough to broadly hide the end. A second possibility (not so nice) is that the tail was cut through one of the vertebrae, rather than in between them, and the remaining "half" has grown with the pup, whilst the skin hasn't really. The overall effect of that is the same - you won't have any hair on the end of the tail, though nearby hair may grow long enough to hide it. But IF that's the case, the pup may have some trouble with his tail, eventually possibly even requiring a surgical fix (i.e. amputation of some of the remaining tail). That last is only a possibility - I certainly can't tell for sure if it's the case from a photo. I would suggest asking your vet to take a bit of a look next time you're in for shots, etc though.

As for the belly lump - I'd also suggest asking your vet to look at it. Dogs don't really have belly buttons (or at least, not in the way we do). One possibility for the lump is an umbilical hernia, which is something that may or may not need a small surgical solution. Definitely something for a vet to look at and adjudicate on though - it's impossible to tell online if that is the problem (or indeed, if there really is any problem).


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Her nubbie looks least to me. Some are docked differently and have more hair covering up the end. Raine had a little pink bump on hers that we were concerned with but it went away at about 11-12 weeks.
The belly button picture looks like an OUTIE!
Never seen that on a pup before. I was almost thinking of a hernia?
Both of my girls belly buttons almost looked like a line and flat.
I would ask the vet about that but maybe an "outie" is also normal for dogs??


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That's exactly what our Mak's tail looks like! We got him from a backyard breeder (didn't know any better 10 yrs ago), and she docked it herself. She did a poor job. The hair never grew over it, but it's never bothered him other than sometimes getting the tip scratched on something. Not sure about the belly button though...


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Can't say about the belly button but the tail looks exactly like a Boxer mix we got from rescue that had had a dock done as a home job (rubberbanded unfortunately) and it never really looked any better than that and the hair never grew over it. It didn't seem to bother him though or hurt him in anyway and he did fine with it the way it was.

Regardless it's hard to tell online for sure, so as someone else mentioned I'd definitely ask your vet regarding both issues when your pup goes in for vaccinations the next time.

Good luck!


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Belly button sure looks to me like an embilical hernia as well. I have had two dogs with this, both were fine without surgery to fix it. I do call them the outie twins. LOL

As for the tail, looks a little botched at docking, but seems to be healing ok. My girl's tail was severely botched, she was left with only one vertebrae for a nub.......doesn't even cover her butt! But as time healed, her tail looks pretty cutsie now.

As the other's have said, have the vet check both next visit ~ I wouldn't make a special visit as both don't seem to be horrible and needing immediate attention.


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The "belly button" does look like a tiny umbilical hernia to me which isn't a big deal. Next vet visit, have it looked at and then when she is spayed, they can fix that as well.

Tha belly picture is so cute!


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Rub the belly button and see it if will "go back in". Bode's was out and several times a day we would massage the area "per the vet". If it didn't go back in we were going to have it fixed when he was neutered.
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