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Someone asked my mom today if I had trouble with Megan's ears because they were natural? My mom told them no not that she was aware of.

I'm wondering though why someone would ask this question? Was it just someone who wasn't educated about natural ears.

I don't want to start a debate, I just curious as to where this question may have come from and since I wasn't there when the conversation took place I couldn't ask why he was asking.

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Hi Malinda
It is possible that this person, like us in the beginning, thought that it was the norm to have the ears cropped. When we got Buddy we only knew of Boxers that had cropped ears. No one told us that there was an option,people just asked when we were getting his ears done. Now I know there is an option, and I love Kailee's natural ears, but I also like Buddy with the crop. Perhaps like us this person just didn't know any better.


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The woman had outdated information: a lot of people used to always say that a boxer's ears had to be cropped because they would get infections if they weren't. Now people are generally more forthcoming about ear cropping being a form of "cosmetic" surgery these days. Casper and Sumi both have floppy ears and they haven't been infected so far so I do think that the health issue when it comes to natural ears vs. cropped should be put to rest.

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