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I agree that you should let Betty see that Howard has passed. While we can never be certain what they are thinking, from experience I believe it helps. My Jack Russell will be 12 this Christmas and while he is in good health, I know that we keep inching closer and closer to the time I may have to make the same decision. He too is a champion snake killer! Hugs to you and your family in this difficult time. May Howard run free like a puppy on the other side of the bridge.


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Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful words of wisdom and support. Howard was sent to the bridge Friday morning. He passed in my arms amongst tears and hugs. We put Betty in our bedroom until after his passing (she thought the vet was there to play!). When we let her out, she came and sniffed Howard, but was still more interested in saying hello to the vet. I stayed on the floor with Howard while the vet left, and Betty came over to us. She first pawed at Howard, then did her "jackhammering" on the floor next to him, like she always did when she wanted Howard to get up and play. When that didn't work, she started barking at him. At this point, I was was just sooo sad. She finally quit and went and laid down on the window seat, confused. I took Betty along when I brought Howard to a clinic about 45 miles away for his cremation. I had Howard wrapped in a blanket, and Betty laid her head on his tummy and didn't move the whole trip. That got the tears going again...When we got home, she went to every room looking for him and then wanted to go outside, where she ran the fence looking out into the horse pastures. After about 20 minutes of that, she seemed to be doing a little better and she and I both took a nap. She seemed to be doing pretty good, but today now, she is acting more depressed. I know, in time, she will move on, as I will, but it is sooo hard! The house is just too quiet! Imagine going from having both a Jack Russell and a Boxer constantly on the go, to nothing! I'm sorry this is long. I guess I just needed to talk about it. Thanks again everyone on Boxerworld. Your'e the best!
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So Sorry For Your Loss

We have always had at least two dogs and have had both experiences, where the one has witnessed the death of the other AND been "just left behind." Our dog, Beau, was traumatized either way and spriraled into a deep depression without his sibling. It didn't seem to matter either way. He was a "pound puppy" a boxer-lab mix that we adopted to keep our boxer-greyhound "Shelby" company. He witnessed her death and mourned her so deeply that we went out and bought a boxer puppy much sooner than we planned. He bonded with Gracie immediately and they were fast friends from the time she was 9 weeks old. Unfortunately, she died suddenly of cardiomyopathy at the young age of 14 months...we rushed her to Cornell Medical Center and she died there...he knew something was wrong, but didn't get "a chance to say goodbye," only mom and dad coming home without his sister and crying, using him as a teddybear. He mourned just as deeply, as did we. But, perhaps our reaction was also a factor in his reactions. Of course, because he was again so bad (severe separation anxiety, wetting in the house, screaming in the crate, drooling, shedding, shaking/trembling) we went out and got another boxer puppy). He bonded with Annie immediately again, although her temperent was not the same as Gracie's. We then fostered a year old white boxer female for 7 months when Annie was a year old, the girls didn't get along, and he did OK when Luna left, but they never really bonded. He then became ill at the age of 10 and died at Cornell of lymphoma, where he died in my arms. We brought Annie with us to see him before he died, she didn't witness it, but I think she knew he was that ill.

This time, I was also very sick, I had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor, it was 2 weeks before Christmas (in fact, it was 2 years ago next week) so it was I that was mourning his loss, not Annie, she was really FINE! It wasn't really her personality to mourn. So my husband went out and got me a new puppy the same week to take care of ME instead of the dog and got me a male boxer boy named Wrecks. He is my baby now and is a 100 lb lap dog that shares the couch with me. He got me though my brain surgery in 2008 and spent many days in bed with me as I recouperated. I got back on my feet last summer in time to foster a little boxer-Old English Bulldogge mix named Ollie for 3 months. Ollie just went to his new home...and I think both Annie and Wrecks were happy to see Ollie leave! He was a handfull, only 8 months old, Annie is now 5, Wrecks is now 2 and although they all got along I think they were jealous of the attention the puppy needed and got. So it is different when a dog leaves alive...meaning a foster leaving for a new home versus a dog dying...they have a sixth sense about these things...and they pick up a lot of information from us and our feelings too. Wrecks is VERY perceptive of my feelings - both emotional and health - and reacts appropriately to both, pretty good for my world!

My heart goes out to you and your loss. The best healing for a broken heart from the death of a dog is another dog. You can't replace the one you lost, but a new little face and a beating heart sure helps the healing. It's always tough this time of year. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I am so very sorry for your loss. Such a change in your home, I am sure, from constant action to such quiet. Things will improve gradually but it will obviously take time. Hug your baby!
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