Question about docked tail

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Boxer Pal
My wife and I just got an 8 week old girl and we named her Sophie :) We have a 3 year old boy also named Harley. My question is in reference to Sophie. Her tail is about 2.2 inches long right now at 8 weeks. Should I expect the tail to grow as she gets older? The only thing I'm worried about is it growing to the length that when she gets excited, that she will knock things over with it. I've searched high and low trying to figure out if after the tail is docked, it will stay at the same size it currently is, or if it will continue to grow. If it does continue to grow, what should I be expecting? I can't remember my 3 year olds length at docking!

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Boxer Insane
The tail will grow in perspective of the size of the dog. It won't grow "longer".

Boxers seem to have an infinite length of dockings. I see a lot of "too short" ones here in PA due to the Amish breeders just snipping them off with no concerns of looks. My girl's tail is simply a bunghole cover. Nothing more. A barely there nubbin.

When my viszla's tail was docked by the doctor, medical neccessity, he was left with only one vertebrae in his covers nothing. LOL
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