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Hi all,

I'm moving next month, to a much colder climate, and we'll be heading into winter over here, so, I know this sounds silly, but, since Ali is such a sun lover, how do all you people who live in really cold climates with boxers do it? Where I am now, it doesn't snow, we get a few frosts in the winter, but it's really not too cold at all. In Dunedin, it snows, the frosts are much worse (I've heard), and the weather is generally much colder - how will Ali cope, when she wears a coat up here at night (and yes, she does sleep in the house, which is heated by a fireplace)!? How do they cope with being exercised in the snow/extreme cold? Usually nothing deters Ali from walking/playing outside, but what about sleet and storms? I guess she'll have to wear a coat outside as well, is there anything else I should do, or need to know? She'll be left inside of course, while I'm at work, is there anything else I can do to make it more comfortable for her? Sorry this sounds like a ridiculous question, but as I'm sure you all know, boxers really feel the cold - or is Ali just soft?
Thanks for any suggestions!
Michelle and Ali.


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We have had a cold winter here in the UK with much snow over the past couple of months. Boxers in snow are so funny, they really love it and try to shuffle it up with their noses!!! Get her a jacket for when you take her out in the cold, but once she's running and jumping in the snow/frost she'll soon warm up. Give her a good rub down when she gets back and then she'll just curl up in front of the fire and go to sleep.....

Good luck

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Hi Michele! Debbie from Hastings here!We take our boxers up to the ranges to play in the snow and they love it. Make snow balls to "catch" it drives them nuts as they disintegrate before they can get them! We always feed more food in winter and make sure they are rubbed dry after being in the rain. I am sure your boxer will adapt very quickly to the colder climate. We have our dogs in well made kennels and lots of warm blankets, but they do not actually live inside. They do come in for visits and social times but they have never had a problem with the cold.Remember boxers originate from Germany. You cant get much colder than that! Debbie Magon Camino Kennels


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Hi Michelle! :) Here in Moscow we often have severe frosts in winter - sometimes even the temperature is as low as minus 20-25 C. I am sorry, I don't know how to convert this to the Farenheit scale, so I put it in the Centigrade. In fact boxers (like many other dogs) love snow and nice sunny frosty days - if you could onle see how they play and run! It is all right to take them out "naked" - :D - I mean without a coat on when it's down to -10 C, if it's colder you may need to put a doggy coat (may be maid of your old sweater) on your boxer. If it's too cold make your walks shorter, that is all. My Tina cope with winter frosts fine and I'm sure everything will be all right with your Ali ;)
AS far as the house is concerned - if it's heated and you have comfortable temperature for humans inside, it will be fine for a boxer too.
Best of luck :)


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You can't get much more of an expert on the cold than a Moscovite. I'm sure Marina knows exactly what she's talking about. So as the Ausies (sp) say "No Worries".
Living in Iowa we get a lot of snow and very cold temps. Brutus and Amaya love the snow. They run around in it, eat it and love snowballs. The time they spend outdoors is a little less than in the summer but they still enjoy time outside.

When it gets really cold Brutus doesn't seem to care for the wind. He usually is in and out. On those days we get exercise by playing hide and seek, running around and the house and playing ball. But it usually has to be around 0 for it to be to cold for him. Amaya is a real snow dog and doesn't seem to mind even colder weather.

Although Im sure you puppy will miss the warmer days Ali will adjust and learn that you don't get so hot when its cold out :LOL:


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Just don't let them in your bed. They'll curl up against you on a cold winter night and suck the heat right out of you. We live in Georgia and our winters are quite mild compared to other parts of the country.
My question is how old is Ali, if she's an older dog you might want to aclimate her to her new environment. She'll get used to it with time, but may resist romps in the cold initially.


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Good luck

Michelle, can not give you any advice but just wanted to wish you and Ali all the best with the move :)


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Thanks for all your replies - I'm sure we'll both adjust and she will have a ball playing in the snow - I have on the couple of occasions I've had the opportunity!

Tom - it's too late, she already sneaks into my bed in the winter!!


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Hi Michelle and Ali!

I live in Canada, Ontario, gets pretty cold here! Lots of snow, especially this year! My Eddie and Rosie play in the snow, lay right down in it! The kids throw snowballs at him and he tries to catch them! He loves to jump on the kids snowman and knock him over! It is fun to play with Eddie in the snow! Great excercise too. Eddie is very defined, you could take a marker and trace his muscles!
You guys will do just fine! :)
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