purely in love with my boxer (long)

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I absolutely love my little girl. She is 3 months old and I could just eat her UP! I read alot of posts on this site before she came home and learned about boxer behaviours. Now, when she "kidney beans", I know this is something all boxers do. "Woo Woo-ing" is very prevalant in our house now, and I love the "heavy head" syndrome! She is getting the hang of potty outside. Although she hasn't rang the bell we have hung from the door, she will go outside if we tell her "lets go potty". If she doesn't have to go potty, she will turn and do a "boxer burn"! My husband and 8 year old son love her just as much as me and our household is full of "boxer lingo".

She learns so fast I find it amazing. I have had other puppies in my life, but only one comes close to her learning and expressive capabilities.

Anyway, I knew that if anyone could understand this expression of love for a dog, it would be the Boxer World board.

Thanks to all those responsible for this site in helping me learn boxer lingo and be able to post my feelings! BOXERS ARE GREAT!


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You have LBS! Loving Boxers Syndrome...it is not fatal, but it is uncurable! We are all suffering from the same thing here, welcome to the club!

Kisses to your boxer baby! Dora

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Enjoy! I'm going through some odd personal times right now, and Owen is the best thing to cure my blues. He just started kidney beaning a little while ago. Although it ususally turns into a game of chase the nubby :LOL:! He whines more than he woo woos, but I LOVE the heavy head and the lean! I don't know what I did without him!


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Mama_Zookeeper - that is a cute way of saying it, 'LBS'!!

I am guilty of that uncurable syndrome! :) This post makes me appreciate Asia and her wiggles and woo-woo's and everything about her, even more!

Aren't they the best?! :rolleyes:


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I definitely have LBS so I can totally relate!!!!! :) My Kirra is now 12 weeks and I kiss her so much all day and I'm so blessed cause she loves to kiss back and lots too!!! I tell her she is just the best kisser (don't tell DH). I can't stop hugging her and lovin her up. I'm gonna have withdrawals when I go back to work FT in January :) I absolutely love the kidney beans and the way she sways her hips when she walks :) (she's such a tease). Woo Woos are few but we're working on them. And I LOVE the big sigh at night when she settles in for bed nestled between DH and I. Boxer Love is the BEST!!


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My baby TUG is just 3 months old too. She is trying hard to catch on to housebreaking. She has it backwards tho....she tells us after she pees. Cant scold her as she is telling us. She has rang the bell several times...but I better be moving when she rings that bell! She drops butt fast!

I have had the incurable disease for years. One disease I hope find no cure for!


Congrats on your new baby girl...
I admit it too, I have a very severe case of LBS.
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