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just wondering when I would get a kong for our pup... getting it on friday!? heard these toys are great for play! also...worried about the peanut butter... is this healthy for pups? any help would be great!!


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A kong .. Abigail had one from the beginning she loves hers.. as a baby she couldn't do much with it but now.. put goodies in it gives her something to do during the day while she is crated.. peanut butter I think is fine.. I've used it a time or to to helps with medicines.. works great


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Peanut butter has alot of sugar in it, I buy the all natural kind.


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From the start

I got a kong for my pup Cashew the day we got her ( she's 14 weeks old now ), it gave her something to chew on during theday when she was crated. Peanut butter is a great filler, as for smaller treats, depending on age, I'd be careful. There is always a choking hazard.

Good Luck and congrats on your new family member! :)


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I have several kong toys and the only time I use peanut butter is when I leave Rider in his crate to keep him occupied while I'm gone. He loves his Kongs. Otherwise, he and Maggie (Susie perfers bones) play with and chew on unfilled Kongs all the time. There is no requirement to put anything in a Kong toy. Just engage the dog in some FUN and fun is what you and your dog will have with it. All you need to add is fun! :)
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