puppy has a heart murmer, need advice ASAP:(

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Our little man Maverick, 10 week old male, was diagnosed today with a pretty significant heart murmer. I initially brought him in because he had the runs pretty bad but wasnt acting himself lately either. Turns out the runs are from us switching his puppy food(thank goodness it's only that!) but the vet was listening to his chest and noticed he was a pretty loud murmer. He said that alot of pups have a murmer that will go away as they get older, but from the sounds of this one, it will not :( That is why he's been sleeping so much lately. He goes back in wednasday for his chet x-ray and then possibly an echo. Ugh I just cant help but cry...my poor little man.
I dont have any experience with this and was curious from other boxer owners who do. What are we looking at here? Can medications keep this under control? Will he have to have surgery? (vet mentioned possibly seeing a specialist pending wednasday's results) I'm so scared for my little boy.
Any advice is so greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


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I am so sorry to hear of your babies health issues. It is so hard and the waiting and not knowing is the worst. BUT have faith. Yes, some puppies can "grow out" of heart murmurs. Others can live long lives with arythmias/murmurs/ heart issues and medication. It just depends as cases differ and i am certainly no vet! I am only sharing what i have come to know through our own experiances and i am certain there is more info out there. i am still learning about it.....

After a fainting spell, our Peanut was diagnosed with Boxer Cardiomyopothy in Dec 2003 and a significantly enlarged heart (several ekgs and chest xrays). With the help of Sotalol she lived a very normal happy life for another year and half after her diagnosis (for us the only indication at the time that anything was wrong was her fainting--kind of looked like a seizure) I know several boxers who have had such issues and they live long lives with management with meds. You should arm yourself with questions for when you go to the vet, and i know there is a lot of helpful info online on this site as well as others, if you "google"

Again, remember that you still dont know what this is that is going on, and it very well may go away, so try not to focus on the worst case scenario (i know that this is WAY easier said than done). You are dealing with this early so you can tx and manage it and that is good news. Be positive, and we will be sending you positive energy too and hoping for only the best outcome for your little one. And if your vet is not certain what they are dealing with def. go see a specialist if you can.

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I Want You To Know My Thoughts Are With Both Of You. I Am No Expert On This Topic, But One Of My Females Had A Male Which Had A Heart Murmur Diagnosed At About 8 Weeks, He Was Fine With Medication And Did Grow Out Of This Problem..but It Was Scary And I Will Pray For You Both...the Waiting Is The Worst! Big Hugs To You Both:)


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I hope all turns out well for your baby. But whatever the case you found it early when it is most managable. Healthy vibes and prayers coming yourway.


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Did the vet give you a grade for the heart murmur? Apollo had a grade 3/6 when he was a puppy, but he grew out of it. Only one vet still hears *something*, but even she says it's very slight and she's not even positive she hears it (I always wait until after they ausculate before mentioning it with a new vet). When I tell the new vets that he had a grade 3 murmur when he was a puppy most of them say it's completely gone.

This is definitely something you should tell your breeder though.


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Our Jada was just diagnosed via ECG and x-rays that she has severe complex congenital heart disease, with subaortic stenosis, tricuspid and mitral regurgitation...so I know what you are going through right now and my thoughts are with you. Things can be okay for awhile with medications, we are hoping. Best to you.


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Star has a mild heart murmur and our vet graded it worse than it really was so its best to see a cardiologist as they are more accurate at grading murmurs than general vets.


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Thats terrible! I hope it works out. Maybe he will grow out of it. I know this isnt the same, but my cat had one when a kitten and she grew out of it. Hope all goes well


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Most vets do not have have the capability to determine what grade murmur that your puppy has. You need to go to a cardiologist to get to get a proper diagnosis.

Try not to worry until you get a diagnosis from a cardiologist.

Good luck!
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