Puppy Biting--Need Some Advice!

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Ok I know this question was posted before, but......I got a 7 1/2 week old female boxer, she is a wonderful boxer and is VERY playful but this biting thing is getting really bad. I mean we cant even pet her without her biting, and we have a 2 year old son and she does the same thing to him. Like Example tonight my son was down on the floor and she always bites his feet etc, well tonight for no reason that I could see she snapped at his face. I would say this was her just being a puppy, but this biting thing is getting really bad. Any advice ??..I also heard that bitter apple spray is good for teaching the puppy not to bite?..Any input is appreciated!

Mandy------Nikita 7 1/2 week old reverse brindle female, black mask and white sox!


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Hi Mandy, she is just being a puppy and does not mean to hurt. Because you got her at a young age she has missed out on some of the things her Mum and littermates would have taught her regarding biting and bite inhibition. Please condiser purchasing the video called 'Biting' by Dr Ian Dunbar - it is excellent and will help you a great deal especially as you have young children. Details are here: ]http://www.dogwis e.com/Detaila.htm$search?db=catalog.txt&eqskudatarq=DTB592&eqcategorydatarq=Training%20and%20Behavior&cart=305794811335981&header1=[header1]

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My Emma is the same way. But she's 10 1/2 weeks old. I read in a boxer magazine to put your thumb in her mouth and press down firmly and say, "NO BITING". When she stops praise her. I have to do this about 20 times a day with Emma but she's now learning to lick my 10 month old baby girl instead of biting her.

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Emma 10 1/2 weeks old
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