puppy anxiety

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I have a 11 week old boxer puppy and he seems to have real separation anxiety. I can not go into another room without him becoming anxious but this I can cope with. The real issue is every time I leave him on his own in his crate he poops in it and the whole crate gets covered in it. He is happy to sleep in his crate and be in it if I'm in the house but if I leave the house for more than 30mins he has pooped and covered the sides of the crate with it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I don't know how much longer I can keep cleaning the mesh of his crate from poop


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Sounds like the crate may be too big. He should only have enough room to turn around and that's it because dogs don't usually poop or pee in the same area they sleep in.

Also, have you tried leaving the TV or radio on while you are away? By doing this you will cover up outside noises and he will be more apt to sleep. You could also try putting something in his crate for him to concentrate on like a toy or a kong with peanut butter and treats hidden in side. This will help take his mind off of being in his crate and you not being around.

Hope you find one or more of these suggestions helpful! Good luck.


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I agree with TyTysmom...those things work very well. My Stella is almost one year and I still leave the radio on at night to sleep and when we leave the house. When she was new to the home I would wear a tee and then place it in the crate at night with her for comfort.

good luck...


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11 weeks old is very young ... your pup is still learning to live without his/her litter mates. And you may have inadvertently made the situation worse by responding in the wrong ways to you're pup's protests.

I would urge you to go pick up a book called "I'll be home soon" by Patricia McConnell asap.
It will help you head off separation anxiety right from the get go. :)
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