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That is why "they" say to actually turn and walk the other direction. It is not like...give a big yank and turn quickly. It is simply as if you are in charge and decided to go a different direction.

The dog learns to pay attention to you, because you decide what will be happening next.

And you want to turn around before the leash goes tight. ;)


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We have started to get Brownie's pulling under control, but we are still having problems with her prey drive. She fixates on squirrels and other dogs, and she pulled me down in the middle of the street while trying to go after a squirrel. I was scraped up pretty badly. That said, this incident happened after only owning her a week (we rescued her from the local pound).

She is getting better about lunging after the squirrels, but her fixation and pulling to go to another dog is almost more than I can control. She is incredibly strong. We're using a padded nylon collar and leash, and I'm trying the change-direction method when she fixates on a squirrel. That seems to work the best.

I guess I need to get her into an obedience class after her 1-month heartworm treatment quarantine is up. I have no idea how she will do with other dogs. Her foster mom said she tried to be the alpha dog with her other dogs, and she got along with her cat. When we evacuated to my parents' house during Ike, Brownie took off after their cat immediately and kept it treed at all times. *sigh*


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Well, My question is how do I get them there without her pulling and without having to stop every two steps, because my boy is not a puller and he wouldn't understrand.

Put them in the car and drive there. :) When you get home, take Chelsea by herself, for a training walk. It will be much easier when she is tired. It can take up to six months for a dog to learn to walk nicely by your side.


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Put them in the car and drive there.

Now this makes sense. So simple and I never even thought of it. There's also an old railroad line (about 8 mins from the house) that is mostly used by 4 wheelers and snowmobiles (no longer has tracks) I could drive there also and give them all the off leash time they need plus it would give them a reason to get into the vehicle, which they don't really like, but if they knew they were going for a run. This could be like solving two problems at ones. Thanks a lot.


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They work WONDERS! I've had them for all my boxers over the years. My obedience trainer turned me onto them. It's a collar that goes around the neck and a little strap that goes over the nose/under the chin area and you hook your leash to the ring under the chin area. It's harmless (no choking or pronging...ewww!)... they don't like it at first and try to get it off their nose but after a few minutes they get better with it...more used to it. What it does is lets you direct their attention. I've used it on the most hyper of boxer and it works great. Take the gentle leader off and you have a crazy puller! You can train with the leader on and then eventually they will learn what is required. Anyway, they have them for short nosed dogs... the "halti-collar" is similar but I find it doesn't work quite as well.


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Ranvan and Dyk's explanations of the method and psychology are great.

Mike was a puller when he was under five months of age. But he has become a good 'walker' with or without the leash in known or unknown places. My trainer pretty much used to do the same method of walking in the reverse direction.

I've also seen a friend of mine do something different. He used to take the pup for a walk inside a garden, and if the pup pulled, he would let her go. He would sit down at the same place. After a while, the pup always came back to him. And after a few months of this, it totally stopped pulling. I don't know if there were other things that helped, but I liked the method. It's like the dog 'understands' that it's not supposed to pull or something..


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Kilo and I are trying to learn to walk on a loose leash, the turning around thing doesn't really work for her. She likes to do her own thing. It is kinda hard to keep her even on a tight leash. When she gets tired she still has to be five feet in front of me. She is horrible on a leash, I wanted to see how she would act with out a leash, but its illegal here, and I dont really like it when other ppl let their dogs run around my house so I dont want to make other ppl mad either.


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I have THREE dogs and what a mess trying to get them in sync. Individually they each walk perfectly and well heeled. Two or more it's a race to the next leaf, bug, spot in the road, etc.

I need to figure out something cause there is not enough time in the day to walk each one seperately, so they are'nt getting walked enough.

I just found a leash that was designed for pitbulls originally. I'm gonna give it a whirl. Its a clip on one end and a leash handle on the other but inbetween is bungee rope. The video showed this large pit probably amer. staffy) lunging from this older lady. Well, she didn't move or her arm but the dog got about 2 feet into his lunge and bounced right back to her side!

If it doesn't work, I'm thinking watching the pups reaction to it will be a riot!!!!

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^^^ that bungee leash sounds like a hoot, lilylarue! If only for the entertainment value! :LOL:

Bruce is a perfect gentleman on the leash UNTIL he spots a leaf blowing, a bit of gum on the footpath, a piece of paper, an old banana peel, a stone I have accidentally kicked ahead of us; the other morning it was a used condom (urrrghhhh and I had to fishhook it out of his mouth, urrrrghhhhhewwww) so in other words, Bruce WOULD be a gentlemen on the leash, if he wore a blindfold...;) The only saving grace I think is keeping 'em on a short leash and silently communicating that lunging or pulling that far ahead ain't the way, baby. I'm just waiting for Bruce to grow out of this pouncing on things phase, please someone tell me it will happen??


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I'm such a sucker for gag gifts and even though this bungee leash is a serious product, I still can hope for several laughs! LOL

Lily is the same on a leash until something attracts her eye then she takes off like a rocket! Wondering if those eye shields they use on horses would help our dogs not notice things as much. Hmmm.

As for the pouncing ~ don't get yer hopes up. It's in their blood!
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