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We Picked up Puckers from the vet yesterday!!! Roxanne Made The staff a cheesecake, We told the Dr. this was a "I'm sorry for pukeing on your shoes" from Puckers.She has a pretty big cut down her stomach and The Dr. showed us what he pulled out of her what was the blockage and it was a good size hunk of hair (or something). She is moving slowly but still seems to be feeling better, and it only took 3 min. before her and Max where barking at each othe. Thanks to everyone for all there prayers and good wishes!

Rob, TheMomRox, Puckers & Max


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Glad to hear the good news!

I think that Cheesecake is the ultimate "Thank You!" :D
Yeah For Pucker's!

As soon as she is totally recovered (which will not be long!) you should have a partyicon I hope that this is the end of all her troubles, poor girl :(

Have they said if she will have any diet restrictions, like no hair? :LOL:

A cheesecake sounds delishish, can I come to the party?


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Congratulations. I'm so glad Puckers is home and on the road to recovery!! Hooray!

Best wishes Puckers!!

Dan, Maggie and Susie


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I Just want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Puckers is doing great(she's still very thin)but acting as sassy as ever(pictures will be forth coming). We have a party every day when both babies are healthy and at home!
Thanks everyone! Nothing like a Boxer to show you LOVE!!!!
I just missed her so much! WOW! I'm still in shock!
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