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With my bf being in law enforcement and having had the police dogs with him for several years, we joke about Buddy quite often. First, he doesn't bark unless it's an actual knock on the front door (back door and window's don't work). Then, it's so low toned, the person on the other side can't possibly hear it. However, he can sniff out a dryer sheet in any size mound of laundry. :LOL: So, we figure if they need a boxer for a drug dog, they'll have to train with dryer sheets! :) He watches over them as much as he does us if someone is at the door.


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Thanks everyone. I guess when I said "protective", I didnt' mean that I wanted him to attack a burglar...rather, just let us know that there was an intruder in the house. He really only barks when he has been outside in the back playing, and it starts to sprinkle outside. He certainly let's us know then that he doesn't want to get wet! He's pretty funny. I know that if he ever had to actually be defensive, he'd pee on the person and hide right behind me. ;)


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Maia has growled and acted protective since she was 9 weeks old. The first time I took her outside, she saw another (big) dog and placed her little body between us and that dog, stood up stiff and straight, and barked and growled. I don't like it really. She is extremely alert to changes in the environment (if the neighbor has put something new in his yard, or if someone is walking far off in the distance). She is and always has been mistrustful of strangers and takes a little while to let anyone pet her. On walks, she gives low warning growls to people approaching.
We are trying to teach her to give one growl or bark and then stop, but this has been very challenging. She is now 6 months old.


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Dempsey is quite protective. He will stand between me and anything he does not like. Doesn't bark much, but huffs and puffs alot and sticks his chest out when uneasy. If the object that scares him (could be a plastic bag) gets too close, he will start to bark and maybe even growl. That started around 6 months old. That being said- he is VERY socialized and not much gets him going, which I like. He is not a big passerby or mail man barker, but if someone knocks at the door he doesn't know he will bark a bit. I am a big believer that if my big baby ever sensed true panic in me and felt the need to protect me that he would--lets all hope the situation never arises ;)

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Funny Boxers! Keeper came from a multiple dog house into mine where he is all alone. He does growl if he hears someone outside and barks if they approach the house. Now when you open the door, be prepared for lots of licking and bouncing around the place. He is completely different if we are out on walk and a stranger comes up to talk. He is a little leery of strangers and sits on my feet to guard me and keep his hind-end off the concrete!


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Oscar is so not a watch dog and until a few weeks ago I didn't think he was protective either. But my Ex came over to pick up the last of his things and Oscar wouldn't leave my side for anything not even toys. I think he just sensed that I was stressed. Even if he is not protective and if pushed against the wall he would probably just lick someone to death first, he still is so intuitive. Now the irony is my other dog is a coonhound and would bark and possibly bite if someone broke into my home. I don't know how she does it she will just start barking and I don't hear a thing but I look outside and the neighbors dog, cat, or someone cutting through my yard is out there and Oscar sleeps through it all. LOL
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we used to always joke around that Jewel would probably help the burglars if there were pets and kisses involved.


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Roxy has been a watch dog since about 11 weeks old. She was so little and so brave! I would try not to laugh. :) we were watching tv and someone came in the front door and she stood up on my lap and started growling at them. When she hears something different she'll go on high alert, growling and woofing/wooing (not really barking like play time)


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Tank, my male brindle, and I have started to walk in the nearby park. I didn't know for sure if he would be protective of me or not. I noticed that he walks on the outer side of the path until he sees someone approaching and then switches to the other side so that he is between them and me until they pass, watching them until they are away. He is never aggressive, but watchful and wary. When we are home, he alerts us to someone at the door by barking until we say it's OK, then he greets them with wags. I hope I never have the need for a guard dog, but then again everyone who sees Tank(90 pounds of muscle at 17 months old) is a little wary of him. Until they see he's a spoiled rotten boy!
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