Professional Handlers vs Owner/Handler

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I don't how the dog show circuit works but I do know how the horse circuit works. I used to show paint horses in the American Paint Horse Club circuit throughout high school. I had 5 or 6 different horses throughout my show career and 3 different trainers. The APHA and AQHA is very political IMO. I could take my horse in a western pleasure class and get nothing, then my trainer would take her in a class and win. The horse was dead on for both of us, yet he won with her and I didn't even place. I really think it depends on the integrity of the judge as to whether or not they judge the animal based on it's confirmation or on how it moves or if they base it on who's leading it or riding it. I've seen it go both ways. To this day, whenever my dad and I have a weanling that is good enough to go to a futurity, we always call up a trainer and ask if he'll lead him/her in the ring. And it usually costs about $100 just to hand the horse to the trainer on the way into the class and take it back on the way out. In Halter classes, it definitely makes a difference on who is handling the horse. Sad but true for the horse show circuit.

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LilygirlCO said:
There's a show here in Colorado in Febuary too! We are getting our first show pup on Monday appicon and we have decided that we are going to handle him ourselves, at least for now while he's a puppy. I've found some highly recommended classes to take.

Congrats! It'll be interesting to see how your little guy turns out. Good luck and I'm sure you're gonna have fun handling him yourself!


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Alisha Mobley said:
The Indy shows?

I had to postpone due to hip surgery (me, not dog). But now we're all set for the FIRST real show in Valparaiso, IN 6/22-6/25.

I've been without him for almost a MONTH now while he's in 'bootcamp' and it's absolute torture. I don't sleep well and can't wait to have him back home. His first meeting with the handler was shaky...but they seem to be working together now. The breeders are still wonderful and are shuttling him back and forth to the handler. I WISH i knew what the hell I was doing as I'm having the realization that i'm going to have to get used to not having him around in order to get him finished. :(

Enough of my sad mommy moping. He's being spoiled rotten, he looks great, i've uploaded recent pics. And i'll be hiding out in the stands watching him do his thing. Cross your fingers with me. :)
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