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It wouldn't hurt to ask, but if she actually told you that the litter should run around $600, I wouldn't consider that an actual "price quoted". She may have been better to give a range, but if those were the words she used then it really was just an approximation.


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I can understand your suspicion but I say look at it like this... If the Sire and Dam have been given all their health tests and have been cleared and come from a good are doing great at $800. I paid that for Bandit. It was steep but I think worth it. My last go around I went to a BYB and paid $450. The end result was not good at all. Do it right first time and you won't be disappointed. I say that not in saying pay more just make sure the breeder you select is a good one. Best wishes.

PS. Another thing to consider is that the litter might have been a better litter than what she originally planned.
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We talked to the breeder when we went to choose our puppy last weekend. She said that the litter was much better than she had originally thought, so that's why the price increased, but she offered to honor her orignial price quote to us, before we even mentioned it. (she said it helped that she really liked us and was very happy to send one of her puppies to our home). We ended up picking out her favorite. If she had needed another brindle girl, she would have kept her... We can't wait to bring home our new baby girl - Layne!! :) 3 1/2 more weeks!!!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their opinions and ideas... :)


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Yay! I'm so glad it worked out!! Sounds like you got a beautiful girl, and I love her name!! You'll have to post some pics so we can see her too!
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