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As some of you know my beloved Sophie got ill and her health went down so fast that we had to lut her to sleep.

I do have a concern... Although I am not prepared in getting another boxer anytime soon, I would love to one day get another one. Sophie was the best boxer ever and because of her I fell in love with the breed. My husband on the other hand has already expressed that he will never again get another boxer. He said he does not want to lose another dog to cancer. He is upset that Sophie only lasted 8 years because he was sure that she would last longer. At least 14 years he said. I can't believe he said this... I am heartbroken to hear this. I don't want to press the issue now because I am not ready in getting another dog now... so no use in arguing with him. I just hope that one day once the pain has passed that he'll reconsider. Boxers are beautiful and such wondeful dogs. Sophie truly had a personality that was bigger than her. She loved everyone and was always such a joyous girl. I would want this again one day.

Do you think this is something that will pass with time and he will change his mind?


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He may just need time. My husband said we were not going to get another dog after Thor passed in October, and his sister Arabella would be our last dog. I was ready to get another one by Christmas, and he was still saying no. Well here it is 8 months later and we are looking to get another one. We have a move in a couple of weeks and have already started the paperwork for a boxer rescue in that area. Just give him time he is still grieving and the wound is still very fresh.


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We too lost a boxer to cancer at 51/2 years old. He was our third boxer. We decided no more boxers and when we were ready we started researching breeds. Fast forward a few months after the search began and we brought home a BOXER PUPPY!! Just let it rest and when the time comes to begin looking then start the discussion.

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Same husband was the local K9 officer for the Sheriffs Department before we started dating. He lost his Shepard and swore he would never get another dog. Of course when we started dating and Justice and I were a package deal. She was 5 then. She died a little over a year ago at age 12 and he swore again that he would never get another dog. It took 9 months and we got Liberty. Keep the faith. I am so sorry for your loss.


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So sorry for your loss.
We lost our first Boxer, Cami just shy of 7 years of age. She too had cancer but it was her ailing heart that took her from us. We both swore we would never get another dog.....until the deafening silence in our house was just too much to live with.
Raine came into our lives almost 7 months later. Another Boxer was the only "cure" for our broken hearts. It didn't actually cure our sadness but it gave us something to focus our minds on instead of the terrible depression.
Cami has been gone over 4 years now and in a few weeks Raine will turn 4 years old. She too has the dreaded Boxer heart issue and it will someday take her from us but the JOY she has given us is right up there with what we experienced with Cami.

The love of a Boxer can not be duplicated.

Everyone grieves differently. I was talking about another Boxer before my hubby was and if truth be told he only agreed to Raine coming into our lives to appease me. He was NOT ready. He also said a year or so in that he was protecting his heart buy not falling 100% in love with her. I don't know if that still holds true....he sure seems totally smitten with her even though she is a momma's girl.
Your hubby will come around. Keep planting that seed and it will grow. lovicon


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Your hubby may come round yet. When I had to put Diva to sleep I swore that I would never get another dog and certainly not another boxer. Fate (and a friend on a mission) intervened and just five months later Dora came to live with me. I swore that would never feel the same way about her as I felt about both Diva and Monty, but guess what, she has completely and utterly stolen my heart (as well as raising my blood pressure sometimes :LOL:)
Give yourself and your hubby time and you never know things may change.


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Hopefully your hubby will change his mind.

When I lost Moto at five years of age of a suspected heart attack, I didn't think I would ever get another boxer. I looked and looked at other breeds, looking for one that would do well in the cold winters here in Manitoba. I couldn't find anything that I really wanted. There is just nothing like a boxer. Last year we adopted Dante. When the owners of Dante, changed their mind and I didn't think that we were going to get him, we put a deposit on Allie. We ended up getting them both. Two boxers has been the best thing ever. :)
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