Powder's story

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Here is the story of how we were blessed with our little girl, Powder.
I am in the military and was stationed in South Korea. I had been gone for a few months and as we talked on the phone my wife asked me what I thought of getting another dog. The dog we had, Spike, was getting very old and couldn't hear or see very well and slept all the time. He has since passed. She wanted to have a companion while I was away to keep her company and to make her feel safer. I wasn't very keen on the idea. But I told her when I got home in a few months for my mid-tour leave we would discuss it. When I was home she talked me into looking at the local shelter. After a few weeks of this, we went on the far side of town to a little shelter in the middle of nowhere. That's where we found our her. She was picked up as a stray. She was so skinny and scared. She had tags and the owner had been called several times but never came to pick her up. I was still skeptical on getting a dog but my wife really wanted her. The person at the desk said her owner had until 5:00 to pick her up. So we went home. Never having owned a boxer I didn't know anything about the breed. So I did a little web browsing and found the boxer's traits were just what we needed; Indoor dog, energetic, smart, excellent watch dog but also very friendly. I was a little worried about adopting. They don’t do any temperament testing, and no telling what this poor thing went through. But finally we decided we couldn’t leave her there. So at 5:00 we went back to the shelter. $10.00 later we had our little girl. The first week was, to say the least, a transition period for everyone. It seemed she was an outdoor dog. She didn’t even know any basic commands and she wasn’t house trained. She would look us straight in the face, plop down and evacuate. It only took a couple of days to get potty trained though. Thank goodness. The real problem came was when we left. If even only for a few minutes the house would be destroyed. We were at our wits end. Then I went back to the web to search and discovered the answer. Crate training. It saved us, our house and her going back to the shelter. Over the next week we really bonded. Then I had to leave for another five months in Korea. While I was away my wife took her to obedience training. My wife and her really bonded while I was away. Although a little shy at first, she took to me right away. Now we are best buddies. My wife says I have turned her into a tomboy. We like to wrestle in the middle of the living room floor. Or go outside and play soccer with her big ball. But best of all, there is nothing like a kidney beaning/woo-wooing boxer to brighten your day.

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What a wonderful story. When I have had a bad day, I just look into those soft eyes and the stree of the day is gone.



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Awww! Such a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being willing to work with her problems! Sounds like the perfect match!

Jenni & Layla (who was also adopted)


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That is such a sweet story!
I have a white male that just makes my day. He is my constant companion, except if I go somewhere dogs aren't welcome...LOL!
Boxers are the best dogs!

Thanks for sharing!

Kim & Goliath :D


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What a great story :) I'm so glad that you did your research and stuck by her. What a wonderful family you are!!


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What a nice story, thanks for sharing, Powder is beautiful and lucky to have been adopted by such a loving family.
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