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Did anyone ever give their furbaby a popsicle? I was eating one today and the looks I was getting was so pathetic that I gave in and let both share it. I was laughing so hard by the time they finished it because the white under Winston's chin was red and orange from it, and Sami's tongue could wrap the whole popsicle. Needless to say they both loved it.

Sami/female/fawn w/white/nat ears, 2 years old.
Winston/male/7 months/brindle/w white markings/nat ears.
Roxy/female 6 years old waiting at rainbow bridge for me!


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Have never tried the popsicle but Lexus loves to get her own baby ice cream cone! Lucy isn't getting "people" food because I am tired of the constant drooling from Lexus. Lucy has a tongue a mile long so I am sure she could have it licked in no time!
Maybe you should see what flavors they like!

Lexus - Six year old flashy fawn female, uncropped
Lucy - white female born 3/00, uncropped


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Both of mine love popsicles. They love cherry, but are not that fond of orange. They like the grape, too. The look in their eyes when they eat it is priceless - they kind of glaze over! I think it's a great treat on a hot day.

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I just gave my dogs an orange juice popsicle last night (Tropicana makes them and they are YUMMY!!!).

Because it was FOOD......the sheltie just went for it.........the boxer took awhile to get used to the sensation on her tongue but then they both just LOVED it!! As I was sitting there holding the popsicle with both dogs lapping away at it, I wished I had 10 foot arms to reach the camera!!


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Ours adore popsicles. To make it a little better for them you can freeze yogurt or apple juice in their kong (stuff the end with cheese) Let them have it on the porch and they will love it!!


Never tried popsicle, but Gracie LOVES ICE! Just plain old ice. Our fridge has a ice dispencer & when ever she hears it she comes running!

4 1/2 month old Female Fawn Croped Tail, Big Floppy Ears aka "The Rock Eater"

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