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What's with my brindle pup in the cat box, eating poop??? Please explain. Even at my neighbours place... I mean, I feed him!!.... YUCK!


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Unfortunately cat poop seems to be a favorite treat for many dogs... :(
I think there are special litter boxes out there that make it impossible for the dog to get to the poop. Maybe someone who owns cats has more advice?

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You've caught my attention on this one. Evie is bad for that too, it really annoys me.

So if anyone can shed some light, I'm all ears :)


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We call them "Cat box crunchies" and Saydie has always loved them. A covered box, out of her reach, under our end table has deterred her :)


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We have two dogs and two cats...although neither of my Boxers has done this we dog sat for a dog a few years back that did. We have all our kitty supplies in the laundry room with a baby gate across, cats can jump over to eat and potty and dogs do not go in there. This may not always work as my dogs get bigger and stronger but for now they do not even know it is there so there is no temptation....let's hope it stays that way :)


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My brindle loves these treats as well... Never thought about the baby gate...but I have one and it's going up tonight!!


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When Betty was a puppy, she also loved those yummy, gross treats. We did the same thing with the baby gate. Our litter box is in the basement in a store room, so we put the baby gate in the hallway. When we installed it, we put the bottom of the gate about 8 inches or so off the floor, so the cat could go under it, but Betty couldn't. It works like a charm. I have to watched her like a hawk when I let her come out to the barn, however. It seems like she has traded her taste from cat poop to horse poop. The fresher the better.
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We taught our baby that she wasn't allowed in the room that the litter is in without us with her. we started with a baby gate but really worked hard at teaching her the limits of the house. so now there is no gate up because she does not go in the room at all and we don't have to watch her as much now. we can even leave the house with her roaming and she stayes away from the room. we still however on occation have to have a reminder session on which rooms are off limits.


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i tried the baby gate before but duke can hurdle over those things. what worked for me was putting in a kitty door, because our litter box is in the laundry room.. so depending where it is a baby gate could be the way to =] ive also heard of people putting the cat box in like a huge plastic container with a cut out so only the cat can get in.
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