Poll: How old are you?

How old are you?

  • 16 - 20

    Votes: 14 5.3%
  • 21 - 25

    Votes: 62 23.3%
  • 26 - 30

    Votes: 73 27.4%
  • 31 - 35

    Votes: 40 15.0%
  • 36 - 40

    Votes: 22 8.3%
  • 41 - 45

    Votes: 25 9.4%
  • 46 - 50

    Votes: 18 6.8%
  • 51 - 55

    Votes: 7 2.6%
  • 56 - 60

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • 61 - eternity

    Votes: 3 1.1%

  • Total voters
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Completely Boxer Crazy
I'm 24 and Scott is 26. We both feel a lot older though! Life's alot tougher than initially thought. Do we really have to work everyday for the rest of our lives without the summer off!?!?!?!:(
No skin babies yet, still trying to get the hang of our three furbabies!!! :LOL:


Super Boxer
Now for sure I know I am old! I am 45 and will be 46 in Sept. My husband is 60. I think we are young yet and have alot of milage left in these bodies.
I am still involved in many sports as is the hubby. We dont sit the bench either we play.
I work out 4 times a week and compete weekly. So the saying you are only as old as feel must be true.
We just got back from Salt Lake City from a meeting with the Olympic committee. We are trying to get our sport Tug of War into the OLympics. Things went well. We have work to do but that was expected. I plan on being in the Olympics when we are a recognized sport.
Alot of times I have to think when people ask how old I am because it just doesnt matter.


Boxer Booster
Going on 26

I got to click 21 - 25 ... but only for 3 more days! I'll be 26 on Monday and hubby turned 29 today. Can't wait till he opens the nose and ear hair trimmer that I bought him. Next year's the walker! hahaha

No skin kids yet - hubby hopes to have them by 30. What does that mean?!


Boxer Insane
Mirror Mirror.............

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO'S THE OLDEST ONE OF ALL.................. smashicon smashicon smashicon I must be close........... Im 54 and my husband is 57 ................:p :p but Im young at heart.............:D :D :D :D


OH my some surprises on this board!! This is like that thread a few months ago that Cherokee started where we posted pics to see who we were talking to!


Boxer Booster
This is really interesting, I had no idea that most of you all are in the same age group I am. I will be 26 next week and my hubby is 27. I guess, I still think of myself as a young adult (heck, sometimes I forget that I am not a teenager anymore!!!) but anyways... I agree with all of you that said having boxers is keeping you from having kids for a while. I always said when I was 26-27 I would have my first kid but now I am not really sure when it will be besides a long time! My boxers are my babies. My husband and I treat them like kids. I am sure most of you all do!


Boxer Booster

I feel your pain. My husband and I are really starting to realize that its not all its cracked up to be. a week vacation? what happened to the summer? I'd rather be in school, until I get that paycheck. I guess there's always retirement to look forward to...:(


Boxer Booster
Age and Wisdom!

I've often wondered about people ages on this site. since you don't see the other people! I'm 21 until April 2nd then I'll be 22. sometimes i feel like i'm going on 40 though! My husband (Billftn) is 23. He turns 24 April 26th. I personally think i'll keep the furkids forever. I watch other peoples skin kids. that's enough for me, it's so nice to go home after spending the day w/ them!


PS excellent thread:)


Boxer Pal
Very surprised at some of the ages. Very impressed with the knowledge as well. I am 29 and my wife is 27. I can't believe I got Casey when I was 19. Time really does fly.
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